Funny / Challenge of the GoBots

  • In "Renegade Rampage, Part One", we have this exchange when Scooter asks how they're going to get the Tramulet back from Cy-Kill.
    Turbo: We, uh, get in there and take it.
  • This exchange at the end of "The Seer"
    Blockhead: Duh, maybe it's best that we don't know our future.
    Cy-Kill: Who asked you?
  • Pretty much all of Braxis' insane ramblings in "Braxis Goes Bonkers", but this one takes the cake.
    Braxis: I'm the greatest genius since Isaac Newton discovered gravity! Since Leonardo da Vinci discovered flight! Since Anton Goldmensch discovered ketchup!
  • In "Inside Job", Cop-Tur appears to insult Crasher by telling her that she needs a map to find her brain and calling her "brick breath". After Cop-Tur flees, he turns out to actually have been Scooter disguising himself with a hologram, who then laughs and states that he hopes he didn't offend Crasher.
  • After Crasher gets beaten in "Quest for New Earth", Cy-Kill ends up having to carry her back to the Renegades' ship.
    Cy-Kill: This GoBot needs to lose some weight!