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Funny: Breaking The Deal
  • During the final fight, Spider-Man finds himself surrounded by the Many-Angled Ones and the Cancerverse version of Galactus, and it all looks bad, at least until The Watcher trips Galactus, sending him crashing into the Many-Angled Ones, and forcing them back into the portal that brought them there.
    Spider-Man: "Okay, I have to ask, do you even care about that whole noninterference rule of yours anymore?"
  • Deadpool's fourth wall breaking, as usual.
  • Peter and Mary Jane are arguing over who's at fault over the whole "let's-make-a-deal-with-Mephisto"... only that each of them is blaming him/herself. Their future daughter promptly tells them off, saying that the whole "It's my fault" thing is both something they carry out in later years and something she does not miss about her parents.
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