Heartwarming / Breaking the Deal

  • The entire dream sequence with Uncle Ben.
  • Aunt May's final goodbye, where she forgives Peter and MJ for the mistakes they made
  • The conversation just after the Big Damn Heroes.
    Daredevil: If you ask any hero on the street who they can always depend upon to be there to keep them calm or focused during a battle, they'll point to you and say that your constant wisecracking helps them do what needs to be done, as they know that your confidence in their ability to succeed allows you to joke when danger's near.
    Steve Rogers: And I have never met a man braver, stronger, or more courageous than you in my life, son. People always look up to me to help out when they worry about not being able to do their jobs, but even I have to admit that when we work together I depend on you for your determination and unstoppable will to succeed to give me what I need to fight on for the people that I love.
  • Spiderman finally saying the words he has never had a chance to:
    Avengers, assemble!