Funny / Blake's 7

The TV series

  • Avon's vicious snark is always funny.
    Vila: When you get Zen [the computer] working, ask him to prescribe something for a headache, will you? I've got this shocking pain right behind the eyes.
    Avon: Have you considered amputation?
    • Not to mention:
    Blake: Does it support any intelligent life?
    • And:
    Jenna: I thought they [alien plants] died if they left the planet?
    Cally: No. You have to talk to them.
    Avon: That's like talking to Vila. A complete waste of time.

    Avon: How long a list would you like?

    Gan: Can't find Orac [a computer]. Even tried calling his name.
    Avon: Oh, I'm sorry I missed that. That's the kind of natural stupidity no amount of training could ever hope to match.

    Dayna: “Don’t you ever get tired of being right all the time?”
    Avon: “No, I get tired of other people being wrong.”

    Avon: This happens to be the most sophisticated lifeform that it has ever been my good fortune to come across. Present company not excepted.
    Tarrant: Life? But it looks like...
    Avon: A rock. Yes. Well, when you live on the permanent dark side of a planet, nobody cares too much what you look like.

    Largo: [...] I could make you an offer.
    Avon: They have a sentimental value for me.
    Largo: Oh, family heirlooms, eh?
    Avon: No, I'm just sentimental about money.
  • Vila is also the source of many a Funny Moment.
    Avon: I told you. He's a friend of mine.
    Vila: Yes, I always knew you had a friend. I used to say to people: "I bet Avon's got a friend, somewhere in the galaxy."
    Avon: And you were right. That must be a novel experience for you.

    Cally: He fears death?
    Vila: I plan to live forever! Or die trying.
  • Cally and Jenna creating a distraction in a spaceport bar by staging a Cat Fight. Funnier because those two characters usually stay out of the power-jockeying aboard the ship.
    • In the same episode Vila and Avon, just back from busting the Freedom City casino, are still wearing their guns and teleport bracelets when Blake & co. come up to the ship, so their nonchalant act is hilariously unconvincing.
  • Servalan's pleased little smirk at the end of "Weapon" after hearing Carnell's taped farewell: "You are by far the sexiest Supreme Commander it has ever been my pleasure to work with."
  • Meegat, the naïve young woman from "Deliverance" who becomes convinced Avon is a god and keeps prostrating herself at his feet. Avon, Vila and Gan's expressions as she zips up and down are priceless.
    Gan: Well, she seems to be on our side.
    Vila: Yes, but the poor woman's insane.
    Avon: Not necessarily.
  • Avon is poking a "rock" with a technical implement in the foreground, as the others are busy with tactical Technobabble. It gives off a small explosion and they all turn to him.
    Avon: Sorry.

The audio dramas

  • Vila's last request in "Drones".
    "Cally, I owe Avon... at least 1000 credits. Tell him... (long pause) tough."