Trivia / Blake's 7

The TV series

  • Acting for Two: Jan Chappell plays both Cally and her twin sister Zelda, which makes sense because they're both clones of a single, unnamed parent. She also plays an alien being that bases her appearance on Cally's in "Sarcophagus".
  • Bad Export for You: It's currently not available on DVD in the US, though you might be able to scrounge up some VHS tapes.
  • Creator Backlash: Josette Simon did not look back on the show with fondness, believing that the showrunners took advantage of her naivity and lack of confidence to get her to play a "hot exotic warrior woman" part that she saw retrospectively as both sexually and racially demeaning.
  • Dawson Casting: Possibly the case with Dayna: though Josette Simon is actually quite a lot younger than other members of the principal cast, she was still in her early twenties when the show was made, but at several points it seems like the character was meant to be in her mid-teens (such as when she refers to herself as a "girl" at one point, explicitly contrasting this with Cally's allusion to herself as a woman moments before). A lot of her other traits (her obvious sexual curiosity around Avon and Tarrant, her quite childlike desire to be comforted when frightened despite her usual Badass demeanor) could be meant to indicate that the character was intended to be younger than she looked, but might just as easily be put down to her isolated upbringing alone with her father and foster-sister.
  • Depending on the Writer: After Terry Nation left the show this got so bad for the character of Avon that Paul Darrow gave up and started playing him as slowly losing his mind to compensate for it.
  • The Klutz: Paul Darrow, to a level that has probably not been matched until Matt Smith and a reputation that is legendary (and still growing). He broke every single gun he was handed, and the props department got so frustrated they made him one with an aluminum core so he couldn't break it... not to mention the sets and various buttons and levers.
    • One bts blooper runs like this:
    Josette Simon in character as Dayna: "Avon, what are you doing?"
    Darrow, the knob he was fiddling with breaking off in his hand, sending him into an adorkably abashed smile and fit of giggles: "Pulling the set apart."
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor:
    • Jacqueline Pearce. Servalan is an utterly cold, calculating (and scene-stealing) bitch. Pearce herself is a rather charming and good-humored sort.
    • Paul Darrow, as well, who (while having wit the speed of Avon's) is charming, self-deprecating, and disarming; a delightful and considerate man to his fans (who consider meeting him or hearing him speak an honor).
  • The Other Darrin: Travis was played by Stephen Greif in the first season and Brian Croucher in the second. Less visibly, Orac's voice was provided in "Orac" by Derek Farr, who had played his creator Ensor, but in later episodes by Peter Tuddenham. The Federation official Ven Glynd was played in "The Way Back" by Robert James and in "Voice From the Past" by Richard Bebb.
  • Real-Life Relative: Paul Darrow's wife was asked to guest star on the show. She agreed on the condition that her character be killed by Avon because she found the idea amusing.
  • Rule 34 Creator Reactions: Paul Darrow (who played the show's initial Lancer and later protagonist Avon) was very very seriously unhappy about fics depicting his character engaging in m/m sexual activity (a particular problem as Avon was the show's Launcher of a Thousand Ships, most of which were slash). This interacted with other fandom conflicts to create a humungous fandom civil war.
  • Talking to Himself: Peter Tuddenham, in scenes where Orac was talking with Zen or Slave. Tuddenham could reportedly do this with no need for ADR.
  • You Look Familiar - Glynis Barber also had a tiny role as a Mutoid in the first-season episode "Project Avalon", before getting the regular role of Soolin in the fourth season.
  • What Could Have Been: Terry Nation wanted the invading aliens in the series 2 finale to be the Daleks, and both Gareth Thomas and Tom Baker pushed for a 'Blake's 7/Doctor Who'' crossover where the Doctor and the crew meet up, but the BBC vetoed both ideas.
    • During a writer's strike Paul Darrow wrote an episode script for series D in which the crew desert Avon, marooning him, concentrated on Vila being more heroic than he had been for that series and also be the one who saves Avon by convincing the others to go back for him. Chris Boucher said no.

The audio dramas

  • Role Reprisal: In A Rebellion Reborn, Michael Keating as Vila and Jan Chappell as Cally or at least a Cally.
  • The Other Darrin: The voice of Zen and Orac in the Big Finish audios is Alistair Lock, replacing Peter Tuddenham who passed away in 2007.