Awesome / Blake's 7

The TV series

  • Avon's Establishing Character Moment in Space Fall, keeping to himself while pretending not to listen to Blake's escape plan and then reeling off technical details about the computer. Just to show how smart he is.
    • Avon's brutal fight with a technician.
    • Jenna refusing Captain Raiker's proposal to be kept essentially as a sex slave. It's unknown what she whispered to him, but it was something along the lines of "Go fuck yourself".
    • Even though it didn't go as planned, this exchange:
    Raiker: "You could have won, Blake. You just needed guts".
    Blake: "I'll settle for yours".
    Charges him, but is subdued.
    • The London's Captain Leylan finally having had enough of Captain Raiker's murderous ways and telling him that everything will go in his report.
    • When the prisoners need a guard's hand to open the door and he won't cooperate, Gan steps in:
    "Look, we only need the hand. If you want to stay attached to it, do as you're told".
  • In Cygnus Alpha, Gan threatens to tear a man's arms and legs off if he touches Vila again.
  • Cally's Establishing Character Moment in Time Squad, knocking Blake to the ground and communicating via telepathy. And then Avon appears, telling her that he had his gun on her the whole time.
    • Blake getting Cally on his side by promising her "the biggest explosion you've ever seen". And they proceed to do just that.
    • Avon flying the Liberator manually to rescue Blake and Jenna.
    • Jenna holding her own against the frozen people.
  • Avon saving Blake's life in The Web:
    Blake: "Thank you. Why?"
    Avon: "Automatic reaction - I'm as surprised as you are."
    Blake: "I'm not surprised".
  • From Seek Locate Destroy: Even though it ended with Cally being captured, Blake and co. successfully raided and destroyed a Federation base.
    • Blake ambushing Travis by arriving early and waiting. The same tactic he used on him.
  • Avon playing detective in Mission to Destiny with Cally as The Watson just for the hell of it.
  • Blake and Travis' fight in Duel.
    • Plus, Jenna holding her own against a Mutoid.
  • Blake, Jenna and Vila successfully rescuing Avalon in Project Avalon.
    • The ending, where Blake has Servalan and Travis at his mercy with the very destructive weapon they tried to kill him with.
    • Travis successfully catching said weapon when it falls.
  • Vila gets one in Breakdown by threatening Doctor Kayn, the pompous, treacherous surgeon operating on Gan.
    Vila: "Alright, genius, time's up".
    Kayn: "I wondered how long it would take you".
    Vila: "Well, you can stop wondering and start operating".
    Kayn: "Why didn't Blake come himself?"
    Vila: "Blake doesn't know anything about it. I thought it was better that way. He's got a conscience. He might not be prepared to kill you".
    Kayn: "And you are?"
    Vila: "Yes".
    (Avon enters gun in hand).
    Avon: "If he isn't, I am".
    • Blake threatening to destroy Kayn's hands if he doesn't comply.
  • Cally leaping from a wall to take out a trooper in Bounty.
    • Jenna playing Fake Defector in order to screw over her former partner.
  • Avon's Big Damn Heroes moment in Orac by shooting off Travis' fake arm.
    Blake: "Good shot, Avon".
    Avon: "I was aiming for his head".
  • Cally gets one in "Shadow". When it seems like her friends have been captured by The Terra Nostra, she takes charge and gives them six minutes to release them. They don't comply and send a gunship at The Liberator. Cally's response? Shrugs and says that she gave them a chance and shoots it down.
    "Central, the next shot will be right down your throats. You have three minutes and thirty seconds".
  • Avon single-handedly rescuing the crew in "Horizon" and taking out the security like it was nothing. It's his smile that sells it.
  • Pressure Point contains one for the villains. Blake and co. manage to find what they think is Federation Control, only to find an empty room. Travis enters and explains that the whole thing was a ruse to lure him here.
    • Even though it happened offscreen, Jenna single-handedly capturing Servalan.
    • Gan's Heroic Sacrifice.
    "Go. I'm not worth dying for".
  • Travis' speech in Trial:
    "A field officer, like myself, is frequently required to make fast, unconsidered decisions. You were all field officers, you know that's true. Time to think is a luxury battle seldom affords you. You react instinctively. Your actions, your decisions, all instinct, nothing more. But, an officer's instincts are the product of his training. The more thorough the training, the more predictable the instinct, the better the officer. And I am a good officer. I have been in the service all my adult life. I'm totally dedicated to my duty and highly trained in how to perform it. On Serkasta I, I reacted as I was trained to react. I was an instrument of the service. So if I'm guilty of murder, of mass murder, then so are all of you!"
  • Cally and Jenna effortlessly taking out Molok when he tries to take over The Liberator in Hostage, the former giving him a Groin Attack and the latter blowing him into space.
    • What makes this better is that despite being sidelined on the ship, they show the most competence of anyone all episode.
  • Avon defusing the bomb with just moments to spare in Coundown.
    • The episode's opening battle is impressive, considering the series' budget.
  • Avon and Vila scamming a casino in Gambit.
  • A small moment in The Keeper showcases why Servalan is such a powerful character. After the loud and hammy Shal of the Goths demands that she visit him in his tent, not the other way around, she simply shakes her head — "M-mh" — and breezes off.
  • The Series Two finale. Star One. An extragalactic invasion fleet is on its way into the galaxy and the only defence the Federation has is at least 15 minutes away. Avon moves the Liberator into the firing line and is told, "This is crazy!" He sneers back, "When has that ever stopped us?" the music mounts and—
    (end theme music)
    • Prior to that, Avon threatening Travis. This is him at his most ruthless glory.
    Avon: "Hold it, touch that and I'll drop you where you stand. Well, now. Travis. Fancy meeting you here".
    Travis: "Put the gun down, Avon, it's too late to stop it now".
    Avon: "Convince me".
    Travis: "Be polite and I may let you live".
    Avon: "Be informative and I may let you die. You'll want that after I've shot off an arm and a leg or two".
    Travis: "I thought you were supposed to be the one with brains?"
    Avon: "Brains but no heart. Now talk or scream, Travis, the choice is yours".
  • Avon refusing Servalan's We Can Rule Together offer in Aftermath.
    "Imagination my only limit? I'd be dead in a week".
    Tarrant: "Summary execution is the usual punishment for boarding a Federation ship without authority. What are you doing on my ship?"
    Avon: "Your ship?"
  • Tarrant infiltrating and eliminating a group of Federation troops in Powerplay.
  • One for Vila in Volcano: arriving on the bridge of the Liberator to find that Avon has killed the invading soldiers (a moment of awesome for Avon himself) but been knocked unconscious in the process, Vila bluffs Servalan into thinking they're going to kill her and successfully drives her off despite the fact that the Liberator is perilously low on power, Avon is semiconscious, Cally, ORAC, Tarrant, and Dayna have all been kidnapped offship, and they are essentially helpless.
  • Avon gunning down four guards and saving the crew in "The Harvest of Kairos".
  • City at the Edge of the World is Vila's CMOA. He's the hero and the romantic lead. Avon even defends him to a bullying Tarrant (though Vila isn't in the room at the time).
  • From Rumours of Death, Avon letting himself get captured, knowing he'd be tortured by some of the most proficient and sadistic torturers of the Federation, and lasting five days without even giving up his name, all to find and get revenge on the man who tortured Anna Grant to death.
  • From Ultraworld: Orac and Vila forcing a gigantic brain to go into meltdown with various knock knock jokes.
  • Vila finally stands up to Tarrant in Moloch.
  • Tarrant destroying the android that killed his brother in Death-Watch.
  • Servalan orchestrating a plan to get her hands on The Liberator in Terminal. And she would have won if it hadn't literally blown up in her face.
  • From Stardrive, Vila pretending to be drunk in order to avoid a dangerous task.
    Vila: "Show me how to get drunk on plain water and I won't waste time".
    Dayna: "Well, then why pretend?"
    Vila: "Because, my lovely Dayna and Soolin, no one ever tells someone who's drunk to volunteer. [Dayna and Soolin laugh.] I don't like to work in main drive chambers, especially main drive chambers that are separated from space by one of Slave's force walls".
  • Servalan playing the crew like a piano in Gold, getting precisely what she wants and completely screwing them over in the process.
  • From the final episode, "Blake", Tarrant staying onboard The Scorpio to try and land it as it crashes down.
    • Debate the Bolivian Army Ending all you want, but Avon, surrounded with no escape possible, raising his gun and smiling in defiance, is one badass moment.

The audio dramas

Big Finish Blake's 7
  • In Warship, Jenna is trapped on the outer hull of the Liberator as the radiation flare shield activates. So she boards an alien vessel that's just landed, stabs the pilot to death with a laser probe, then takes the ship on a suicide run into the alien fleet. Cally teleports her out, but it turns out Jenna had no intention of dying: the idea was to slingshot around them at the last minute.