Funny / Black Sails

  • The meeting between Vane and Flint in the third episode, where Gates keeps needing to take Flint outside to talk to him when he's undiplomatic.
  • The exchange between Naft and the appraiser where the former is trying to convince the latter of the quality of a rather shoddy knockoff painting.
    Naft: Fruit. Fruit. Tits. Tits. Plant. Plant. It's the fuckin' same!
  • When Billy takes over as Quatermaster, his very first task is trying to persuade the crew that, just this once, they should skip setting up the aptly named Fuck Tent. The next shot is of the crew pitching the tent.
  • The night before the Walrus crew finds the Urca, Flint and Gates spend an evening drinking together and reminiscing about the particularly unfortunate ex-crew member, Creg. The moment is also a heartwarming moment for Flint, as he genuinely seems to be fond of his late crewman, and is one of the few times Flint is relaxed and has a happy smile on his face. It then becomes a heartbreaker, considering what Flint does to Gates the very next day.
  • John Silver's dawning horror that Flint's near suicidal plan for the Spanish Man o' War was not an elaborate escape ruse, and he fully intends to take the ship. To their credit, the two pull it off with only nearly dying and some bickering.
  • In season 2, Billy Bones attempting to give a 'pep-talk' to the crew's riggers. It fails miserably.
  • Jack Rackham and his entire crew are shaping up to be a good source of giggles from the moment they meet, getting as close to a Jack Sparrow-esque pirate as this series is likely to come.
  • During the voting between Flint and Hornigold, Billy has to explain why, exactly, Flint is down one vote. Not only is it a treat to listen to, it's implied that this sort of thing happens fairly regularly in Flint's crew.
  • In V When Vane is leaving to find a new crew after Eleanor's ban, Jack's attempts to get him to tell him his plans get increasingly desperate, going from calling him 'Captain' to 'Charles' and finally 'Chaz,' all with Vane completely ignoring him.