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Funny: Black Jack
  • The English dub of OAV part 6 sneaks a Woolseyism into an otherwise straight scene.
    Pinoko: Look what the postman brought! It's a package...I just hope it's not from the organ donor institute.
  • The manga story "The Boy and the Bird"
    • The story opens with Pinoko's attempt at house-cleaning, where her trying to get rid of a spider results in her being swarmed by them).
    • Later, Black Jack gently chides Pinoko for childishly crying after falling out of a tree, which inspires Pinoko to try crying in a more adult fashion:
    Pinoko: (while Biting the Handkerchief and lying in a dramatic "languishing" pose) Is this how gwown-ups cwy? "Alas..."
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