Funny / Black Jack

  • The English dub of OAV part 6 sneaks a Woolseyism into an otherwise straight scene.
    Pinoko: Look what the postman brought! It's a package... I just hope it's not from the organ donor institute.
  • The manga story "The Boy and the Bird"
    • The story opens with Pinoko's attempt at house-cleaning, where her trying to get rid of a spider results in her being swarmed by them.
    • Later, Black Jack gently chides Pinoko for childishly crying after falling out of a tree, which inspires Pinoko to try crying in a more adult fashion:
    Pinoko: (While Biting the Handkerchief and lying in a dramatic "languishing" pose) "Is this how gwown-ups cwy? Alas..."
  • The 2005 movie has a small short at the beginning telling people to turn off their phones. To elaborate, Black Jack is about to start an operation but is interrupted by someone's phone going off. He interrogates the other doctors in the room (including a cameo of Astro Boy) before its revealed the phone belongs to the patient and everyone chews him out. Watch it here.
  • Jack's quite naturally does not want to eat Pinoko's utterly burned first attempt at cooking. However...
    Jack: !!!
  • This quote from the good doctor in Cold Disdain illustrates the series pretty well:
    Black Jack: The sensible operations that you performed ended in failure. I'm going to practice a little nonsense instead.