Heartwarming: Black Jack

  • The plot of High and Low in the manga. The president of a company had an aneurysm, and although Black Jack agreed to operate on him for 50 million yen, he had a rare blood type (RH-) which sent his men on a frantic search for a suitable donor. Fortunately, a laborer nearby was found to be the same blood type, and the operation went without a hitch. The two men bonded greatly over this event. One day, the laborer had an accident while the president was about to leave on a plane to meet a very important client. After a little internal conflict, the president decided to ditch the flight and give blood to save the laborer's life. Unfortunately, losing such an important client resulted in his company going bankrupt in short order. The laborer found the now-penniless president and told him not to lose heart, and that he will help the president in starting over. Black Jack then gave the men an envelope with a check of 49.9 million yen, as he "owed the president his change from the operation back then". The last panel showed the 2 men walking together, ready to start anew.