Funny / Battlefield 4

  • First mission in and you get this:
  • After Recker cuts off Dunn's leg and Dunn passes out, Pac and Irish has this:
    Pac: Is he dead?
    Irish: He's not dead; he's just passed out. You're the combat lifesaver man, you should know this, Pac.
    Pac: It was like a three-hour course!
  • If you wait around long enough in Shanghai mission after you got out of the car, Pac and Irish will breaks into a rant about how the area smells like food, and how Irish is hungry enough to eat Pac.
  • In the South China Sea mission, when you get to the med-bay Hannah can be seen through a window being attacked by two soldiers, Pac yells that she's in trouble, at which point she quickly kicks both their asses.
    Pac: Holy cow, she can fight.
  • At the end of "A Trapped Wolf Will" (Tashgar), Hannah notices Irish's sudden nervousness and anxiety, and his shakiness when he starts talking about just how he got the moniker Irish. Thing is, if you paid attention to one conversation several missions ago and recognize what the backpacks being attached by line to the inflated, rising balloon are and why a big airplane is flying towards your position... you'll realize that Irish is acrophobic.
    Irish: Hannah, I got the name Irish because I have a—- *is suddenly yanked airborne by the airplane snagging the lines and literally dragging him through the air UUOOOOOHHHH...!
    • At the start of the aircraft interior segment in the introduction of the subsequent and final mission, he strongly suggests that he was literally towed through the air for three hours.
  • One of the gold assignments is named Made in China.
  • The description for the Potato Grip attachment explains why it is called that ("shaped after the famous spud") and what it does. It then ends with a warning. "Do not eat".
  • The fact that the starting mission ends with a high speed chase against a heavily-armed attack helicopter surreally set to Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart".
  • Despite being what amounts to an overly-sophisticated remote controlled toy plane, the SUAV (based on the real-world RQ-11 Raven ) can hit with enough force to kill players, earning you a Road Kill. For a while after China Rising came out, any match with an over-abundance of Recon class players quickly turned into an RC-Plane air show with other players desperately trying to avoid the swarm of tiny airplanes like it was the climax of King Kong (1933).
    • It's Battlefield 3 pre-nerf UAVs all over again...