Funny / Battle of Britain

  • Andy receives a letter from his wife complaining about being bored on the countryside after Andy had his family evacuated from the city.
    Andy: Silly bitch!
    Archie: He's calling you names again, Arnold.
  • There are three that stick out, all centered on the Poles and their difficulties with English.
    • "Repeat, please!"
      • Followed by their british CO realizing what they're doing and reacting with a wonderful This Is Gonna Suck expression and an exasperated "Oh, god's truth..."
    • 'Hogs' gets shot down and lands in a farmer's field... where the farm-workers think he's a German and promptly take him prisoner.
    • Towards the end of the movie, when the Allied pilots are waiting for another attack, they kill time as best they can. If you look closely, Hogs is reading an English-Polish dictionary.
  • Sergeant-Pilot Andy and Pilot Officer Archie have a practiced routine:
    Andy: You can teach...
    Both: ...monkeys to fly better than that!
    • Even better, they're quoting one of their boss's rants from the beginning of the film.
  • Goering is berating his group commanders for not being able to beat the RAF. Then he says that he's chastised them enough - is there anything they need?
    Falke: Yes, Herr Reichsmarshall. Give me a squadron of Spitfires.
  • The Germans think they have destroyed half the RAF's fighter force, and that their bombers are only being intercepted because the RAF is bringing in reserves from the north. So they decide to bomb the north with squadrons from Norway, which means they won't have fighter protection. The first raid crews are nervous, and have just gone to action stations. One of the gunners sees something, "Achtung! Spitfire!" One Spitfire. The entire bomber formation breaks and scatters, and it's several seconds before we see a squadron coming in to attack.
  • One British pilot bails out, and ends up crashing through someone's greenhouse, in front of a stunned boy. While the pilot tries to extract himself, the boy runs inside... and comes back out a box of cigarettes, offering one to the grateful pilot.
    Archie: Thanks awfully, old chap!
  • A group of English boys standing and watching while arguing over what type of German bombers are about to bomb the city they're in.