Funny / Batgirl (2000)

  • The series has a pretty serious tone, but Cass sucker-punching Shiva with a broken hand was absolutely brilliant, not least because it was the last thing Shiva or the reader was expecting. Gets bonus points for fulfilling a Brick Joke where she said she would need only one blow to connect.
  • Stephanie and Cass bickering like children about whether Cass broke Steph's jaw. Oracle's response?
    Oracle: "If your jaw was broken you wouldn't be able to talk...and my life would be so much easier..."
  • Cassandra visits Superboy in Smallville. Given that this is Cass, she enters his room in the middle of the night, scaring the hell out of him. When Martha Kent comes to check on him, Cass hides, and this exchange occurs:
    Connor: "Sorry, Mrs. K. I was just having a bad dream..."
    Martha: "A dream? Oh, honey... was it about the war? Or those terrible things they did to you at Cadmus?"
    Connor: "Well, no... actually it was about a girl in a skintight black leather bodysuit sneaking into my room in the middle of the night to-"
    Martha: "Well, that sounds like the kind of dream you'd best discuss with Jonathan, dear."
  • The plot to one issue being resolved when a random old woman turns out to be an OMAC which proceeds to dispatch the metahuman who has been harassing Cassandra and then leaves, leaving Cass completely confused as to what just happened.