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Funny: Batgirl 2009
Batgirl: (As she swings by Gage and Gordon, giving Gage a smile and a small wave) "Hey, you!"
Detective Nick Gage (Off Commissioner Gordon's look) "What?"
Commissioner Gordon: "'Hey, you'?"
Gage: "No one raises an eyebrow when you talk to Batman."
Gordon: "I'm pretty sure Batman's legal, detective!"

  • If there is an interaction between Batgirl and Robin, this is bound to happen.

    Stephanie: Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too
    Damian: I don't understand.
    Stephanie: Of course you don't, you're ten! Now stop looking at my chest.
    Damian: What "chest"?
    Stephanie:(stomps off):...hate...

    Batgirl: O? If I fight back, is that considered "child abuse"?
    Robin:...Have at thee, wench...
    Oracle: This is not going to end well...wait did he just switch to pirate?
    Batgirl: I think it's more...musketeer?

  • After breaking up the above fight, Dick reminisces with Barbara about the days when the two of them used to fight as Batgirl and Robin. They quickly back away from the comparisons, given the implications.
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