Trivia / Batgirl (2009)

  • What Could Have Been: The series finale features several scenes of Batgirl imagining what her life as a hero might be like. Several of these scenes were purely hypothetical, but in an interview author Bryan Q. Miller explained that some of them were plans that he had for future storylines and some were ideas he had for other series that he wished he could have taken part in:
    • Batgirl fighting the Queen of Fables with the Teen Titans, which would potentially have had its own story arc in this series if it had not been cancelled.
    • Batgirl, Robin and Oracle as Blue, Red and Green Lanterns (Respectively) in what Miller described as "the Blackest Night tie in I never got to write."
    • Stephanie Brown, Barbara Gordon and Cassandra Cain (All as Batgirl) in a photograph with the Blackhawks taken in 1944 with Skeets floating above them, having all traveled back in time to find a missing Booster Gold.
    • Stephanie Brown graduating Gotham University with honors, being attacked by the Royal Flush Gang during the graduation ceremony.
    • The final two scenes were twenty years in the future, unconnected with the current storylines of the DCU. In the first, Stephanie is putting her son to bed with a wedding ring on her finger (Miller pointed out in the interview that a picture of "city-murdering Prometheus" was hung on her son's wall, implying that there had been some sort of reboot in the interceding years that turned him into hero) while the Bat Signal is seen outside her window. The second scene featured Stephanie as the crime-fighter "Knightwing," Agent of Checkmate, with her own Batgirl partner. This partner is Nell, the young girl Stephanie had met throughout the series and who idolized Batgirl.
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