Trivia: Batgirl 2011

  • Executive Meddling:
    • Why Barbara no longer wears glasses in her civilian life. She was also not allowed to use computers, either. Gail Simone also mentioned that she had to fight hard just to let friends/allies Nightwing and Black Canary make appearances.
    • Also, the whole reason she's doing this "walking" thing again. Word Of God is that Gail Simone only took the book because she was afraid someone else would mishandle Barbara's recovery.
    • Gail Simone stated that she was forced to make the book grim and gritty much to her frustration note . She then decided to quit, but a new editor was hired and he encouraged the new creative team to make the title fun. [1]
  • Line to God: Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher have a Tumblr blog called Batgirl of Burnside, where they post fan art and answer questions.