Trivia / Batgirl

  • Exiled from Continuity: The apparent reason as to why Cassandra Cain didn't appear in the New 52 for a long while. Harper Row was her "replacement".
  • One of Us: Within the series, Stephanie likes Supergirl all the more because she is able to follow the Technobabble explanation for their current crisis and has a sufficient grasp of grammar to realize that "BFF" is already plural.
  • Screwed by the Network: Stephanie's book was cancelled to make way for the relaunch. Cassandra Cain was pretty much in the same boat.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In the early 2000's writer Gail Simone pitched an idea for the direction of Cassandra Cain's series if she had taken over as its writer. Cassandra, after saving a Protestant minister from a vicious robbery, would continuously visit him in the hospital and, over time, become a devout Christian and convert after seeing the strength of his personal devotion and willingness to forgive his attackers. Her activities would shift to a protective role over the more downtrodden members of Gotham society, the transients and homeless and runaways, and she would switch to an all-white costume. Eventually she would become known as "Angel of the Bat" instead of Batgirl. Gail, a self-professed atheist whose comics often exemplify her "liberal" viewpoints, said that her intention was to represent a part of society that is extremely neglected in comics, as almost all depictions of religious or conservative figures was as dogmatic, prejudiced and stupid characters. She wanted an example of the transformative power of faith and felt that, even if it did not match her own beliefs, it would be a good exploration of the character. Instead, Cass made an apparent Face–Heel Turn and became a leader of the League of Assassins. As Simone put it, apparently, becoming a Christian is more controversial than becoming a serious murderer.
    • The miniseries "Batman: Gates of Gotham" was originally conceived as a solo story about Cassandra. The final product heavily featured her, but she had to share it with her brothers.
    • The montage of the Black Mercy induced coma dreams Stephanie has at the end of her ongoing series hinted at further storylines.
    • When DC decided that they didn't want Cassandra to be Batgirl anymore, they initially decided to put Barbara Gordon back in the role. When that was shelved, they wanted to replace her with Charlie, but her creator, Gail Simone, wrote a long letter to DC explaining why Charlie wasn't a good fit for the role and they respected her wishes. So, instead, Stephanie Brown was Batgirl for two years, after which Barbara Gordon returned to the costume.