Funny / Batgirl (2011)

  • From Issue 6:
    Alysia: Gordon, you've got to get in here! You've got to stop her!
    Barbara: Alysia, what in God's name...?
    Alysia: [Your mother] won't stop baking!
  • Issue 3 has Nightwing giving her "That look". And it works on her.
  • Batgirl woefully underestimates Batwoman's fighting ability and gets absolutely wrecked.
    Batgirl: Memo to self: Remember to update combat appraisal of Batwoman ASAP. Holy God.
    • Right after, Batgirl is a bit stunned to discover that Batwoman carries silk handkerchiefs in her utility belt when Batwoman offers her one to wipe up her bloody nose.
  • A dark one from Issue 33: Huntress steps from the shadows to introduce herself to Batgirl and Black Canary. Assuming she's affiliated with Knightfall, Batgirl proceeds to beat the snot out of her.
    Batgirl: Okay, so maybe this wasn't the best idea...
    • It seems Batgirl has taken Batwoman's advice, since she too offers a handkerchief to the person she just beat up.
  • From Issue 42, after Batgirl has defeated Livewire with the help of Gordon!Batman, she thanks him for a good teamup and then turns away, leaving him quizzical.
    [Batman gives a "got-me-there" look]
    Batgirl: Still got a few of his tricks left to learn.