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Funny: Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse
  • During one of the split-screen scenes in the intro, Raquelle looks too preoccupied with looking at herself in the mirror to face the camera.
    • When everyone gathers for a group shot, Stacie has to tap Skipper to make her put down her phone and smile for the viewers.
  • This exchange from "Party Foul":
    Barbie:(To Nikki) Raquelle isn't that devious!
    (Cut To Raquelle in the Confessional)
    Raquelle: Yes, I am.
  • Stacie stirs together an egg carton, a box of flour and a carton of milk and puts it in the oven. What comes out? A perfect cake!
    • This gag proved so humorous, Chelsea repeats it in "Perf Pool Party". She also does a Scotty impression when Stacie calls her.
  • Ken somehow turns Chelsea's bike into a robot!
  • Closet snatches a pastry out of Barbie's hands, then serves Barbie and her friends some freshly-baked scones.
  • Barbie points out that the list of potential careers for graduates of her technical institute includes at least one job she didn't have (writing fortune cookies).
  • Raquelle tells Barbie that she spared no expense buying her birthday present. She proceeds to give Barbie a compact mirror. Nikki points out that it comes free with a $600 makeup kit, which Raquelle apparently decided to keep for herself. Even better, the human viewers just see the mirror as a little piece of plastic with a pseudo-shiny sticker.
  • Ryan imagines Barbie and Ken recreating Forrest Gump:
    Ken: Life's like a box of choc-o-lates.
    Barbie: No...(pushes the box into Ken's face)...your face is like a box of chocolates!
  • Raquelle faints after she finds out what prize Door #3 had behind it.
  • Schlond Poofa. That is all.
    • In season four, Barbie and her sisters find a golden Schlond Poofa, and attach it to Ken's car while making it over. Just like the original Schlond Poofa, this one falls off of the car, much to Ken's annoyance.
  • Skipper's entire ordeal in Sister's Ahoy. Especially what she mutters after being conked on the head by a coconut.
  • Raquelle looks embarrassed wearing the same thing as Barbie, but Barbie just teaches, "Not only is fashion super fun, it also helps a friend in need!"
  • Midge and Nikki sizing each other up.
    Midge: So you're the Malibu me.
    Nikki: And you're the Willows me.
    Teresa: Wait wait wait. So what does that make me? (looks at camera) Seriously, who am I?
  • Raquelle cheering on Midge and Nikki with "Fight, fight, fight!"
  • Raquelle calling Chelsea "Kelly"; hilarious for anyone familiar with the doll line.note 
  • Midge in the shark cage, screaming in terror at the fish with a shark fin attached to it
  • Barbie explaining how Midge and Summer are opposites:
    Barbie: Summer likes to throw caution to the wind! And Midge likes to embroider caution on decorative pillow cases! (holds up pillow with a caution sign on it)
  • The Meddlesome Patrolman of Malibu Mall tickets Barbie for voilating Code #21: "excessive good looks." After Barbie signs the ticket, the patrolman congratulates himself for finally getting Barbie's autograph.
  • The entire episode Happy Bathday To You is hilarious, especially the ending. After all the trouble everyone's gone through to give the pets a bath, all three of them and Stacie are happily rolling in the dirt and getting dirtier than ever.
  • Ken's searching for glitter in Gone Glitter Gone, only to find nothing but 24 karat gold.
  • "Doctor Barbie" hangs multiple lampshades over the biology of a doll. For starters, Barbie's initial suggestion for getting rid of Chelsea's "plastic pox" involves washing her face with warm water, but the spots re-appear after the water dries up.note  Later, Barbie tries to take Chelsea's heartbeat, and can't hear anything, which she declares, "Perfect!"
  • Barbie's friends (and Raquelle) don't know what rain is.note 
  • Ken's Barbie sense tingles as he's about to go into space. He leaves the rocket unattended, and it blasts off and crashes into a satellite—all to Also Sprach Zarathustra.
  • Ryan's attempts to high-dive in "Perf Pool Party."
  • Chelsea's friends' reactions to the cardboard re-creation of Barbie's original, box-shaped Dreamhouse.
    Redhead: That's their idea of a playhouse?
    Brunette: Looks more like a doghouse.
    Taffy: I wouldn't sleep in that! I have standards.

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