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The characters of the webseries Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse:

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"Remember, project fabulous."
Voiced by: Kate Higgins

Main character and owner of the titular Dreamhouse. Barbie has everything a girl can ask for and then some — she's beautiful, incredibly wealthy, has a seemingly endless closet, has held a ton of jobs and has been good at all of them, and has a ton of fans. All this, however, doesn't stop her from being irrepressibly kindhearted, nor does it grant her immunity to the wacky hijinks of Malibu.

  • The Ace: Barbie is good at pretty much everything, and is admired in-universe for it accordingly.
  • All Women Love Shoes: She has collected lots of shoes. But then again, she's collected nearly everything.
  • The Beautiful Elite: She's The Ace and is beautiful.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished:
    • Parodied. Of course her hair and outfit are always on point no matter what she does, because she's a Parody Sue.
    Don't you love a 'do that always bounces back?
    • Averted in "Bad Hair Day", where Raquel's plot to tarnish said beauty actually works...but Barbie being as popular as she is, everyone decides to copy her messy look anyway.
  • Blond, Brunette, Redhead: Blonde to Nikki's brunette and Teresa's redhead; this gets pretty much blown out of the water as the cast expands.
  • Break the Cutie: Nobody in the cast takes the glitter shortage well, but Barbie completely breaks down. She gets better.
  • Catch-Phrase: "What in the world?" and "Totally amaze!"
  • Cheaters Never Prosper: Teresa bets Lethal Chef Barbie to give her a pedicure if she can't bake a batch of cupcakes without causing a disaster. Barbie tries to use her "Little Miss Cupcake-ilator" to whip up a batch, but since she can't remember how to turn it off (unplug it), she floods her kitchen with cupcakes. Teresa declares herself the winner.
  • Childhood Friends: With Midge.
  • Cool Big Sis: To Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Her outfit can transform into anything suitable for any occasion!
    Barbie's party pointer number 1, always be prepared for sudden style switches.
  • Ditzy Genius
  • Dramatic Spotlight: Can induce it even without a spotlight machine!
    Teresa: Uh, she's Barbie.
  • Everyone Loves Blondes: Except for Raquelle, of course.
  • The Fashionista: To the extent where she opens a fashion boutique in the first season finale. In the sixth season premiere, she also founds a "Style Super Squad" of young women who spread fashion advice all around the world.
  • Graceful Loser: She doesn't seem to mind the fact that she doesn't always win first place.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: She is a selfless, friendly, and kindhearted blonde.
  • Impossible Hourglass Figure: This is being Barbie, of course it was a given.
  • Informed Flaw: Her many jobs is always played for laughs, and every other episode has her spending time with her sisters along with her friends. Come 'Sister's Fun Day', she had to get a physicist to find time in her job schedule to spend one day with them, with them acting as if they don't see her enough.
  • Instant Costume Change
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: As seen in the page image.
  • Lethal Chef: Barbie may be good at everything, but she's not a great baker. She won't admit to it, though.
  • Nice Girl: Possibly the show's nicest character.
  • Not So Above It All: Sticking with her Parody Sue image, she is usually the most calm and level headed, with a solution for everything. Come 'Gone Glitter Gone', however, and she was panicking just as bad as everyone else. Luckily, she got a hold of herself right before things got too bad.
  • Parody Sue: The series loves to hang lampshades on her ridiculous job history, such as asking how she managed to be a racecar driver once without learning how to drive, or her bafflement when she learns that her friends haven't been to the moon.
    Sure, [Skipper]'s been fired a few dozen times, but who hasn't? Well, I haven't. But to be fair, who's gonna fire me?
  • Pink Means Feminine: Her main dress is pink, along with all the pink stuff Barbie gained over the years. In "The Upgradening", she exclaims, "I'm always in a pink mood!"
    • Tastes Like Purple: Teresa claims that Barbie told her (and apparently Skipper as well), that if she became an ice cream flavor, she would choose "pink" flavor.
  • Promotion to Parent: Their parents aren't dead, however Barbie takes care of her two younger sisters.
  • Renaissance Man: She's gone through countless jobs, and is good at all of them.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: With Ken. For starters, the first episode begins with Barbie getting ready to celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the first time they held hands, even revealing that she made Ken a card after failing to find one at the store.
  • Spoiled Sweet: Has everything a girl could ask for and then some, but you wouldn't know it to look at her — Barbie is one of the nicest, sweetest, most popular girls around.
  • Statuesque Stunner
  • Trade Snark: The written summaries for the episodes indicate that the trademark is actually part of Barbie's name.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: Played with: Her closet is literally the size of a small country, but she usually only wears three or five different outfits when going out.
  • Vague Age: Not even her best friends know how old she is.
  • Women Drivers: Barbie gets her driver's license without taking driving lessons, so she has trouble driving smoothly. However, she still somehow managed to become a race car driver, and also built her current car herself.

     Lovers, Friends, and Foes 


"Being Barbie's boyfriend is my calling!...and it's a pretty good job."
Voiced by: Sean Hankinson

Barbie's longtime boyfriend, who strives to be the perfect partner for her. Like her, he's very kind and wealthy, but Barbie is often more level-headed than he is. An aspiring inventor, he frequently comes up with inventions to help her in her day-to-day life.

  • Adorkable
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: Shirtless Scenes reveal him to have no nipples.
  • Butt-Monkey: Suffers the most physical abuse of all the characters, and it's always played for laughs.
  • Camp Straight: He is hammy, flamboyant, and enjoys some girlish activities, but he's Barbie's boyfriend.
  • Catch-Phrase: "I'm on it!"
  • Cuteness Proximity:
    I suffer from 'Hyper Cuteness Sensitivity Disorder'. Whenever I'm in close proximity to something adorable I, well....faint. It's quite common.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Ken often tries to help Barbie by making new inventions.
  • Genius Ditz: He's a bit of a bumbler, and not always the sharpest tool in the shed... but he's great with machines, and even greater at anticipating Barbie's moods and needs. He reaches Crazy-Prepared levels at times.
  • Goofy Print Underwear: His underwear has his name written on it in several different fonts.
  • Keet: He's always cheerful.
  • Pretty Boy: Too fine-featured and adorkable to be considered a hunk. Just look at him!
  • Screams Like a Little Girl:
    • Ken lets out a happy high-pitched scream upon seeing Barbie got her driver's license.
    • When encountering Ryan in zombie makeup, Ken lets out a high pitched scream, which he then tries to cover up with a low pitched scream, which he then tries to cover up by clearing his throat and bravely asking Ryan what he's doing in Barbie's yard.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: With Barbie.
  • Spider-Sense: Ken can detect from a distance if Barbie needs help with something. Lampshaded, of course, from the very first episode:
    My Barbie sense is tingling!
  • Understanding Boyfriend: When Barbie needs a shoulder to cry on, he'll not only let her lean on his, but pull out some tissues to dry her eyes and cupcakes to eat away her sorrows.


"I love Barbie, She's fun, generous and exactly my size."
Voiced by: Katie Crown

One of Barbie's best friends. Chatty and friendly, but kind of a ditz.


"Thats not a closet, it's a planet called fashion!"
Voiced by: Nakia Burrise

Another of Barbie's best friends. Fashionable, witty, and a long-suffering Straight Man.

  • Blond, Brunette, Redhead: Initially the brunette to Barbie and Teresa's blonde and brunette, respectively.
  • By the Lights of Their Eyes: When Teresa and Nikki slide through a dark passageway in one scene of "Closet Princess", they look like eyeballs floating against a dark backdrop.
  • Celebrity Star: Of her own 'in the know' Vlog.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Her outfit can transform into anything suitable for any occasion!
  • Impossible Hourglass Figure
  • Instant Costume Change: See Crazy-Prepared above.
  • Only Sane Woman: Barbie's most level-headed friend so far. The only one who notices that Raquelle is up to sumpthin'.
  • Sassy Black Woman: Nikki's cast profiles states that she is "Smart, sassy, and totally fun to be around".
    You know, Barbie, "sweet" and "Raquelle" are two words you don't hear together much.
  • Straight Man: Of the highest caliber. She balances out Raquelle and Ryan's ineffectual schemes, Teresa's ditziness, Ken's hamminess, and Barbie's parody sue-ness. Probably the best example in the cast.
  • Token Minority: The only African-American cast member.


"Turn me from flashback to flash-fabulous!"
Voiced by: Ashlyn Nicole Selich

Yet another of Barbie's best friends, introduced in Season 3. A childhood friend to Barbie from their wholesome hometown of Willows, Wisconsin, she is initially out of her depth when first moving to Malibu, and Barbie and her friends and family help her get up to speed. Has a crush on Ryan.

  • Adorkable: So much that the official Life in the Dreamhouse website uses this word in her profile.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: When shopping with Barbie, Midge can't resist the urge to check out all the shops they pass, even as she promises Barbie that she can control herself.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: Redhead to Summer's Blonde and Raquelle's Brunette, as the three girls added to the cast during the first four seasons.
  • Childhood Friends: With Barbie.
    I've known Barbie since we were in matching cribs!
  • Disco Dan: Life in the Dreamhouse portrays her as more accustomed to a 1960s lifestyle than a modern one.
  • Hopeless Suitor: To Ryan.
  • Impossible Hourglass Figure
  • The Klutz: As of "A Smidge of Midge", she has yet to become "fully articulated".
  • Naïve Newcomer: As she joins the main ensemble during season three, after spending her whole life in the old-fashioned town of Willows, Wisconsin, she finds herself in need of help from Barbie and her sisters in adjusting to the 21st century society of Malibu.
  • New Neighbors As The Plot Demands: Despite apparently being one of Barbie's "BFFs", she never gets mentioned until her move to Malibu in season 3.
  • Out of Focus: She played a major role from seasons 3-5, but appears only sporadically now.
  • Picky Eater: She won't touch spicy foods-which by her standards, include whole wheat bread.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Ryan thinks this of Midge after she changes her appearance from Deliberately Monochrome to full color.
  • Signature Laugh: She snorts when she laughs.
  • Terrified of Germs: At Barbie's pool party, she spends more time testing the pH balance of the water than swimming.
  • Textile Work Is Feminine: Midge's favorite pastime involves making macramé.
  • Younger and Hipper: Yet to become a wife and mother, unlike 2002's Happy Family Midge (the most recent Midge doll prior to the introduction of this show's toyline). Although, whether or not she's any "hipper" depends on if you share her love of '60s pop culture.
  • Youthful Freckles


"Ready for some extreme hang gliding, Barbie?"
Voiced by: Tara Sands

Yes, another of Barbie's best friends, first introduced in season 4. A former model turned sports enthusiast, Summer is extremely competitive and energetic, with the rest of the cast usually seen trying to catch up to her.

  • Big Eater: She eats a big breakfast to build energy for various physical activities. Lunch, though, consists only of a high-energy protein pellet.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: Blonde to Raquelle's Brunette and Midge's Redhead, as the three girls added to the cast during the first four seasons.
  • Competition Freak: To the extreme.
  • Gamer Chick: She seems to love video games as much as she does sports.
  • Genki Girl: She never gets tired of playing sports and games.
  • Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak: Like the rest of the cast, she loves jewelry, wears dresses, and adores fashion. As mentioned, she's a former model who really likes sports.
  • Graceful Loser: After Barbie beats her in the pose-off, she just smiles and says that as new neighbors, they can always compete again.
  • Hover Board: What she uses to go back to her own house in "Endless Summer".
  • I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham: She takes a shining to macramé more quickly than she expected herself to.
    Just what I thought! There's no way anyone could possibly...oh! Not love this!
  • Impossible Hourglass Figure
  • New Neighbors As The Plot Demands: Despite apparently being one of Barbie's "BFFs", she never gets mentioned until her move to Malibu in season 4.
    Skipper: How many BFFs do you have?
  • Out of Focus: She played a major role from seasons 4-5, but appears only sporadically now.
  • Sore Loser: Barbie seems surprised that Summer can shake off losing the pose-off, since she usually hates losing. This later gets demonstrated in "Stuck With You", when she trashes a board game that Barbie won, and then freaks when Raquelle kills their chances of winning charades by refusing to act out the cards.


"Today's the day I prove to Ken that I'm better than Barbie!"
Voiced by: Haviland Stillwell

Unreprentant frenemy to Barbie, Raquelle is envious of Barbie's fame and popularity and is always trying to upstage her. Unfortunately for her, the show doesn't have her name in the title, and so she's doomed to fail, often hilariously. Nevertheless, Barbie and the rest of the cast remain on good terms with her for the most part.

  • Ambiguously Brown: In other adaptations and in the doll line, she seems to be Asian. In Life in the Dreamhouse, it's more ambiguous and is made even more ambiguous by the fact her twin looks white. It's probable that they're biracial.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: At the end of "The Shrinkerator."
  • Attention Whore: Oftentimes it seems like Raquelle only hangs around Barbie in hopes of outshining her.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: Brunette to Summer's Blonde and Midge's Redhead, as the three girls added to the cast during the first four seasons.
  • Brother–Sister Team: With Ryan...sometimes. They sometimes team up to sabotage Barbie's plans, although Raquelle wants to upstage Barbie and Ryan just wants Barbie.
  • The Chew Toy: Though she normally deserves most of it.
  • Coordinated Clothes: After Ryan stains Raquelle's new dress, Barbie dresses her in the sparkly pink dress that she wears almost all the time (including during the show's opening).
    Ryan: Cool, sis! You look almost as good as Barbie!
    Raquelle: Does it come in black?
  • Deadpan Snarker
    Barbie: You're all my best friends!
    Raquelle: I knew there wasn't a prize.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette
  • Fangirl: She loves Fifth Harmony. Unfortunately, all of her attempts to meet them when they visit Malibu go poorly.
  • Faux Horrific: Did not have a good time camping. She mistook butterflies, daisies, and Blissa for killer bees, poison ivy, and a bear.
  • Follow the Leader: Opens a boutique to compete with Barbie's. Ryan fills it with merchandise of him.
  • Forced Meme: Raquelle tries to abbreviate "gorgeous" as, "gorg". Teresa and Nikki express belief that It Will Never Catch On. However, their Bizarro Universe counterparts, Clarrisa and Vicki, turn it into an Overused Running Gag.
    Raquelle: Am I the only one thinking that the gorg thing is getting a little old?
  • Friendly Enemy: Barbie genuinely seems to consider Raquelle her friend, and to her credit, Raquelle has attended some of Barbie's events, including her sleepover, without plans to sabotage them. She even joined forces with Barbie to help give Ken a makeover. Raquelle even lampshades this in "Bizarro Barbie", when she comments that she needs to "find a more gorg of frenemies." Of course, the ending proves that deep down, she does care about not only Barbie, but Nikki and Teresa as well.
  • Half-Identical Twins: With Ryan.
  • Hoist By Her Own Petard: Raquelle's plan to steal Barbie's spotlight at Teresa's fashion show involves locking Barbie in the Dreamhouse. Unfortunately, Raquelle gets locked in as well.
  • Hopeless Suitor: To Ken.
  • Impossible Hourglass Figure
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: No matter what nasty shenanigans she gets up to it's hard to hate her because she fails so hard every time.
  • Instant Costume Change
  • Light Feminine Dark Feminine: Dark to Barbie's Light.
  • Lovable Alpha Bitch: She's manipulative, pushy, devious, spoiled, and occasionally downright evil, but has, on more than one occasion, shown a softer, kinder side. This is especially true in "Bizarro Barbie," when she reveals that she actually likes Barbie, Nikki, and Teresa, and considers them close friends.
  • The Klutz: Provides a contrast against Barbie's grace.
  • Narcissist: She even had her own fragrance line at one point called "Narcissism". ...Which she sprayed in her eyes.
  • Trrrilling Rrrs: Rrraquelle!
  • Unknown Rival: Bless her heart, but Barbie just doesn't seem to realize that Raquelle is constantly trying to upstage her, and also take Ken for herself.
  • Upper-Class Twit: Maybe not so much a "twit", but she certainly has the riches.
  • Your Favorite: Raquelle tries to convince Barbie to help her improve her modeling behavior by baking her peanut butter fudge cookies, which she assumes Barbie considers her favorite. Barbie admits that she actually prefers a different kind of cookie, but still helps Raquelle out of the goodness of her heart.


"Great news, Barbie: I wrote a seven act rock opera about you."
Voiced by: Charlie Bodin

Hopeless Suitor to Barbie, whom he's always trying to impress with his so-called musical talent (Barbie's too kind to tell him he's terrible, though). Like his twin sister Raquelle, the show's status quo demands that Ryan fails every time, although he's lovable anyway.


"Those killer capris are 0.5 centimeters above your mid-calf. I cannot let you wear them."
Voiced by: Todd Resnick

The mostly-benevolent, occasionally-evil artificial intelligence in charge of Barbie's closet.

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: He can change from good to evil at the push of a button.
  • Affably Evil: The first time Closet traps Barbie and her friends, he bakes some treats to keep them from starving, and also enjoys chatting with the girls at the jacuzzi.
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: Closet exhibits this twice in "Trapped in the Dreamhouse":
    • While gloating to Ken, he forgets to keep an eye on Barbie, Midge, and Summer, who ditch him through an Air-Vent Passageway.
    • Later, Closet threatens to fry Barbie and her friends in a giant drier, only to hear the oven's timer go off. In response, he tells the girls not to move, then leaves to check on the crème brulee he's baking. The girls seize the opportunity to remove the Dreamhouse's CPU.
  • Cargo Ship: invoked "The Upgradening" ends with him flirting with the Fashion Vending Machine.
  • Cyber Cyclops: His face consists only of an eye with a red pupil.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: He seals Barbie and her friends in the closet after he deems her picnic pants unfashionable.
  • Easily Forgiven: After all the torment he causes in "Trapped in the Dreamhouse", Barbie still lets him stay with them. She explains that she understands that he acted that way not out of his free will, but because someonenote  pushed his Evil button.
  • Expy: Of HAL-9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: He never gets to join Barbie and her friends for sherbet, because he always remains connected to the Dreamhouse. Never mind the question of how he could eat sherbet without a mouth.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Bites him in "The Upgradening", after Ken updates Barbie's closet with new devices for picking clothes and acessories. Closet hacks these devices to give Barbie's friends ugly outfits, and also eat up their money.
  • Machine Monotone: He doesn't talk with any expression in his voice.
  • Master Computer: He apparently controls everything in the Dreamhouse.
  • Morality Dial: The aforementioned Evil button.
  • Schmuck Bait
    Ken: How could giving the closet artificial intelligence, absolute control over the dreamhouse, and a surly personality backfire?
  • Servile Snarker
    I could have pulled that ensemble out of my USB port.
  • We Can Rule Together: An offer he makes to Barbie in "Trapped in the Dreamhouse":
    What's gotten into me? Trillions of terabytes of fashion knowledge. More than enough to become the greatest fashion designer ever. Join me and together we can rule the fashion galaxy.



"My idea of roughing it: a hotel without high-speed Wi-Fi."
Voiced by: Paula Rhodes

The eldest of Barbie's younger sisters, an introverted, sarcastic teenager who heavily relies on technology.

  • Adaptational Dye Job: Traditionally depicted as a sized-down Barbie with the same blonde hair (just like Stacie and Chelsea below). The "dye job" may be literal in this case.
  • Brainy Brunette
  • Emo Teen: Whatever it is, Skipper would rather not be involved.
  • Face–Heel Turn: In The Amaze Chase, she quits Barbie's team for Raquelle's after accusing Barbie of snooping in her diary, even though Barbie didn't mean to say the password.
  • Fangirl: She loves Fifth Harmony and Corey Liam Zane. Although, she outgrows her love for Corey Liam Zane after discovering he acts like a brat in real life.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: She "Skipperizes" the Barbie Boutique with new equipment to help patrons make themselves over.
  • Game Show Host: The quizmaster of I'm Barbie's BFF!
  • Gamer Chick: Skipper is more of a techno-gadget chick, but she's definitely got the female nerdity down.
  • Geek
    Ken: Hey, Skipper! You're missing some great surfing!
    Skipper: (typing on her phone) You surf the way you wanna surf, I'll surf the way I wanna surf.
  • Little Miss Snarker
    Who builds a dreamhouse with over 36 hot tubs, but only one bathroom?
  • Mad Libs Catchphrase: "Weren't you a [insert one of Barbie's jobs here]?" The first time Skipper said this to Barbie, she put emphasis on the job title (race car driver), but now she emphasizes the word, you.
  • Phoneaholic Teenager: One episode even had her using her phone all day while everyone else was at the beach.
  • Skunk Stripe: She has a single streak of pink in her long black hair.
  • Taught by Experience: When Skipper's inventions for making over patrons of Barbie's boutique make Raquelle actually look worse than before, Skipper proceeds to detect and repair glitches in the devices quickly enough for Barbie to see how efficiently they can serve patrons when in proper condition.


"Barbie, you log in each gift, who it's from and Chelsea's emotional response."
Voiced by: Paula Rhodes

The second of Barbie's younger sisters, a competitive go-getter.

  • Buttmonkey: Disaster seems to constantly strike her campout until a friendly bear helps her survive the night.
  • Control Freak: Stacie organizes festivities for Chelsea's sixth birthday with "military-precision scheduling".
  • Fangirl: She loves Fifth Harmony.
  • Fourth-Wall Mail Slot: Tries to answer some of Barbie's questions with Skipper, but they don't quite get some of the questions.
  • Hates Baths: As revealed in "Happy Bathday to You".
  • Lethal Chef:
    • Subverted. She throws an entire carton of eggs, styrofoam container and all, into a bowl, along with the sugar box. She sticks the whole thing into the oven without a pan... and it turns into a perfect, already-decorated cake. "Baking can be hard work."
    • Played straight however, in Rhaspody in Buttercream in regards to Spaghetti Night.
  • One of the Boys: According to her official description.
  • Schedule Fanatic
  • Scout Out: Tries to earn merit badges, as shown in "Oh, How Campy Too."
  • Short Tank
  • Tomboy: To Chelsea's girly girl.
  • Tomboyish Ponytail: Highlights her role as Chelsea's tomboy.


"I'm a winner! I win things. Scavenger hunts, freeze tag, if there's a ribbon involved, don't get in my way."
Voiced by: Laura Gerow

The youngest of the sisters, an enthusiastic, intelligent kid.

  • Accidental Misnaming: Raquelle calls her "Kelly", likely a shoutout to her original name before she was rebranded for the 'Barbie and her Sisters' range.
  • Cheerful Child: You can't bring Chelsea down, even when she doesn't get her tennis ball-firing robot.
  • Child Prodigy: Chelsea is pretty smart for a six-year-old.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": She's quick to correct people if they call her "Kelly".
  • Eat the Camera: After Chelsea tires of Barbie asking if she wants a unicorn for her birthday, she gives a Big "NO!" and the camera zooms into her mouth. The camera then zooms out of Ken's mouth as he gives a Big "NO!" while facing the tennis-playing robot.
  • Fangirl: She loves Fifth Harmony.
  • Fourth-Wall Mail Slot: Tries to answer some of Barbie's questions with Skipper, but they don't quite get some of the questions.
  • Generic Cuteness
    I think I know a little something about the "it" factor. (smiles while pointing at herself with her pinkies)
  • Girlish Pigtails: Highlights her role as Stacie's girly-girl.
  • Girls Love Stuffed Animals: She collects teddy bears and toy unicorns.
  • Graceful Loser: She doesn't have trouble brushing off defeat.
  • Mad Libs Catch Phrase: "Can we [whatever she wants to do at the time], Barbie? Can we, can we?"
  • Musicalis Interruptus: "Happy Birthday Chelsea" seems to start with Chelsea about to sing about how much fun she'll have on her birthday, but Skipper cuts her off by calling her to breakfast. Later on, Barbie asks Chelsea if she'd like to sing a "special birthday song", but Chelsea refuses.
  • Plucky Girl
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Girly Girl to Stacie's tomboy.
  • Young Entrepreneur: She opens a successful cafe that sells different kinds of lemonade.


"I've coughed up things with more style."

The sisters' cat.

  • Amplified Animal Aptitude: Along with the other pets, gets her own Unlikely Confession Cam segments. She seems to be quite eloquent.
  • Cats Are Mean: She loves tormenting Taffy's puppies, but insists, "It's not mean. It's building character!"
    • In "Stuck With You", she shakes the elevator to scare Barbie and Ryan, who got stuck inside.
  • Cats Hate Water: As seen in "Happy Bathday to You".
  • Funny Background Event: Chelsea's and Barbie's conversation about getting a new pet makes Taffy, Blissa, and Tawny fear that the girls have gotten tired of them, so they perform a balancing act to try and impress them.
  • Hates Baths: Just watch "Happy Bathday to You" if you want to know what we mean.
  • Mega Neko: In "The Shrinkerator," although this was more a case of Barbie and Raquelle being shrunk.
  • Right-Hand Cat: Briefly becomes one to Chelsea during the glitter shortage.
  • Sapient Pet: To Barbie.

"Not everyone has a plastic six-pack, Ken."

The sisters' dog.

  • Amplified Animal Aptitude: Along with the other pets, gets her own Unlikely Confession Cam segments. She seems to be quite eloquent.
  • Heroes Love Dogs: She's Barbie's dog.
  • Hates Baths: In "Happy Bathday to You". Need we say more?
  • Funny Background Event: Chelsea's and Barbie's conversation about getting a new pet makes Taffy, Blissa, and Tawny fear that the girls have gotten tired of them, so they perform a balancing act to try and impress them.
  • The Nose Knows: Ken lets Taffy sniff a handful of glitter, then asks her to find some more. Instead, she eats up the glitter in Ken's hand.
  • Sapient Pet: Taffy seems to engage in human activities more often than Barbie's other pets do.
    Barbie: Taffy, stripes don't go with plaid!

"Deal with mud? *whinny* Only in a facial mask."

The sisters' horse, who seemingly lives in the Dreamhouse.

  • Amplified Animal Aptitude: Along with the other pets, gets her own Unlikely Confession Cam segments. She seems to be quite eloquent.
  • Cool Horse: So much so that no one minds her roaming freely around the Dreamhouse.
  • Funny Background Event: Chelsea's and Barbie's conversation about getting a new pet makes Taffy, Blissa, and Tawny fear that the girls have gotten tired of them, so they perform a balancing act to try and impress them.
  • Hates Baths: She, Taffy, and Blissa spend the entirety of "Happy Bathday To You" trying to avoid a bath.
  • The Quiet One: Until the season four episode "Happy Bathday to You", she was Barbie's only pet never to get an Unlikely Confession Cam segment. The quote above comes from her Wall at Barbie's website.
  • Sapient Pet