Nightmare Fuel: Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse

  • The sentient closet, especially in Evil Mode.
  • In the first episode, Teresa and Nikki are in the closet so long they're starving and thirsty. Barbie cheerfully tells them it's only a 2-day walk to the other side.
  • 50-Foot Raquelle in "The Shrinkerator." The episode ends with her looming over the Dreamhouse and everyone fleeing in terror.
    Raquelle: Just what I always wanted—a real, live Ken doll!
  • Barbie, Stacie, and Skipper's creepy expressions when they find out Chelsea has glitter during the shortage. They later almost tear Tawny apart when she inhales some glitter.
  • Season 5's "Trapped in the Dreamhouse" has Closet trap everyone in the Dreamhouse. He runs Barbie and her friends through a washing machine, and when that doesn't work, he threatens to put them in the clothes dryer on extra crispy.