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Funny: Bananas
Bananas is one of those early funnier movies that the aliens from Stardust Memories wanted Allen to stick with.

Other Crowning Funny bits:
  • Wide World of Sports, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, this time bringing you live coverage of the assassination of El Presidente! With Howard Cosell himself chewing the scenery.
    • This troper refuses to quote Cosell's entire delivery. It must be seen to be believed. A YouTube has finally been located...
    • Bookended with Wide World Of Sports covering Fielding and Nancy's honeymoon.
  • Fielding Mellish's speech to American diplomats.
  • The courtroom trial, as one absurdity after another is added, culminating in Miss America herself accusing Mellish of being "a subversive mother".
    Mellish: I object, your honor! This trial is a travesty. It's a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.

    Prosecutor: You're J. Edgar Hoover?!
    Large Black Woman: I'm in disguise...

    Witness: I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I've known Fielding Mellish for years and he's a warm, wonderful human being.
    Mellish: Uh, would the clerk read that statement back please?
    Clerk: "I've known Fielding Mellish for years and he's a rotten, conniving, dishonest little rat."

    Mellish: (bound and gagged) (makes muffled noises)
    Female Witness: (tearfully breaks down) Yes! Yes, I lied!...

  • The San Marcos Dictator Vargas calls for aid, but instead of getting the CIA he called a Jewish scholarship fund. Cue the arrival of a company of Hasidic rabbis marching through the battlezone with donation cans.
  • To prove his worth to the rebels, Fielding is sent to the nearest village to secure food. He promptly makes a deli counter order of thousands of bagged sandwiches and wheelbarrows full of cole slaw. And has the restaurant send the bill to Vargas.
  • During a Training Montage, Fielding is learning how to throw a grenade, but throws the pin. He has just long enough to make a priceless exasperated face before the grenade explodes in his hand. Later, he tries again and successfully throws the grenade, only for the pin to inexplicably explode in his hand.
  • New Testament Cigarettes.
    Priest: I smoke 'em. He smokes 'em.
Bad SantaFunny/FilmBandits 1997

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