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  • After winning the 2005 Royal Rumble, he had to decide whether he wanted to stay on Raw to challenge Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship, or cross over to SmackDown and challenge John Bradshaw Layfield for the WWE Championship. On February 17, 2005, he paid SmackDown a visit. While JBL was cutting a promo, he showed up in his Corvette and parked by JBL's limo. Batista took off his suit coat and got out a bat. He then admired himself in the window tinting before smashing in all the windows on the limo, and ripping off the horns attached to the hood. He sped off before JBL's Cabinet could confront him.
  • This little gem that happened during his Last Man Standing match against John Cena:
    Boy in crowd: I hate you, Batista!
    Batista: I hate you too!
  • Watching Dave "hulking out" on the Simon System before and during the match was pretty funny. His "salesman" pose at the end...I busted a gut laughing.
  • Pretty much all of his final run in WWE, in which he was easily the biggest douche walking the face of RAW in the last five years.
  • Any backstage segment he had with Eddie Guerrero, and of course the in-ring segment where Batista goes "Tommy Boy" on him and demands a hug, complete with Eddie's priceless face.
  • Literally planting a flag in La Resistance's ass after a Handicap match.
  • His Twitter bio lists him as, among other things, a "WWE Jobber." The man certainly knows how to poke fun at himself these days.
  • Payback 2014. He's on a team with Triple H and Randy Orton. The both of them are in all black. Batista is in a light, almost powder, blue. When they made their entrance, HHH and Orton both looked at Dave's non-matching outfit as though they were thinking, "God damn it, Dave..."
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