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Trivia: Batista
  • Creative Differences: Batista claims that one factor that made his 2014 return so disappointing involved the WWE giving him storylines he didn't feel confident in (eg, making a Face-Heel Turn instead of just acting like a Heel to begin with).
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Botchtista.
    • And after what Santino Marella called him one time, the Manimal.
    • Upon his 2014 return, "Bootista" (in reference to the surfeit of boos he has thus far received) and "Potista" (owing to his resemblance to a potato).
    • After Payback 2014, "Bluetista" (Dave wore a bright blue outfit when everyone else involved in the match was wearing black and white).
  • Old Shame:
    • His first WWE stint as "Deacon Batista", the sidekick of Reverend D-Von (a.k.a. D-Von Dudley).
    • And his OVW run as "Leviathan".
  • One of Us: Batista has expressed interest in science fiction and superhero stories. His collection of vintage lunchboxes might also sound geeky to wrestling fans, especially since he can identify them by year.
  • What Could Have Been: His first World Title run was supposed to end twice, long before it did.
    • First, it would have ended at the hands of Muhammad Hassan. Hassan being banned from UPN after the London Bombing scandal prevented this.
    • It was then supposed to end in November 2005, in a triple threat match involving Randy Orton and Wres Atling/Eddie Guerrero. This was stopped by Guerrero's death.
    • Batista's gimmick was originally supposed to be that he was angry all of the time because he was a Child by Rape. Thankfully Evolution happened instead.

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