Funny / Attack the Block

  • Halfway through the movie Pest develops a crush on Sam. She tries to ignore his clumsy advances in Ron's weed room, but never rebukes him.
  • Hi-Hatz getting attacked in the elevator. The moment of funny comes along when Brewis calls the same elevator down, and the door opens revealing Hi-Hatz, drenched in blood, with three mangled bodies. He calmly walks out and says, "You should probably take the next one, blud," before calmly walking off.
  • "Oh, check it out, he's got a puppet!"
  • "Call Simon Cowell!" "Aliens got talent, innit?"
  • "You swear too much, lady."
  • "We gotta catch 'em all!" "Calm down Biggz — this ain't Pokémon!"
  • "It could be diseased. You get me?" "I don't want no chlamydia."
  • After Pest gets injured the boys hole up in Sam's flat, to which Sam responds by brandishing a guitar and screaming at them.
    • The boys give her one look before returning to what they were doing.
  • "Go home, lock your doors, do your homework, and watch Naruto."
  • Watching two elementary school age kids take down an alien about three times their size with a water gun (filled with petrol) and a firework is equal parts awesome and hilarious.
    Probs: No one's gonna ever call you Mayhem if you keep acting like such a pussy!
    • And then right afterwards they start bragging about having killed the alien when they suddenly find themselves in the sights of a group of heavily armed cops:
    Mayhem: Anytime, blood, anytime!
    Probs: We don't give a fuck, man.
    Cop: Armed police, stay where you are!
    Mayhem & Probs: Fuck.
  • The kids' various nicknames for the aliens: Gollums, Dobbies, some Gears of War thing and big alien gorilla wolf motherfuckers.
  • "What's Ron's weed room?" "It's a big room, filled with weed, and it's Ron's." Duh.