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Attack the Block exists in the same universe as Doctor Who.
No real reason other than the monsters seem like perfect badguys for the Doctor.
  • The idea of any of the gang as companions is oddly appealing.
  • This can be the only reasonable explanation as to why no one made a Doctor Who reference during the course of the film.
  • And, given the reveal of the 13th Doctor being played by Sam's actress...
The aliens are able to "turn off" (or hide) their bioluminescent teeth, they just have no reason to do so over the course of the movie.
Having glowing teeth is cool and creepy, but makes it a little hard to be stealthy. If they were going after the main characters as prey note , they would be hiding their teeth and thus be able to stand out much less in the dark; Since they're only going after humans so they can find the female of their species, they must want to be seen for the sake of intimidation.
  • Either that or the glowing teeth are unintended by their species. They don´t seem to have eyes and seem to hunt/react almost entirely by scent and touch, so it´s possible they are not aware their teeth give their positions away.
  • Another possibility is that the teeth are for show since they seem to be in some kind of "rut".
  • Or they might act as a lure, like on a deep-sea angler fish. If their natural environment is in near total darkness (plausible, given that they appear to be blind and navigate by a combination of smell and echo-location), then their "absorbs all light/Vantablack" fur would mean the only thing visible would be their teeth - which don't look like teeth when their mouth is closed. Curious prey would be attracted by the small, bobbing lights, and not realise what they were until they were too close to escape.
The aliens are Vulpimancers from Ben 10.
The first alien was the male of the species.
And the rest are female. Characters in the movie suggest the opposite, but one male and many females makes more sense than one female and many males, unless it's a Mr. Seahorse situation. And there's plenty of species where the females are bigger/scarier than the males.