Awesome / Attack the Block

  • Moses killing the alien that breaks into Sam's apartment with just one hit.
    • And then Sam returning the favor as she also one-hits an alien afterwards, saving Moses from it.
  • Moses's run out of the weed room, all the way to his own apartment, and taking out all the aliens.
  • Mayhem and Probs finally get to prove they can run with the big boys when they take down one of the aliens, saving Biggz's life.
  • Tia and Dimples take out one of the aliens with a lamp, an ice skate and a polka-dot bedsheet.
  • Hi Hatz getting torn apart by the aliens.
  • Hi Hatz gets stuck in a small lift with one of the Aliens and wins
  • On a meta-level, the sheer look of the aliens rates as one of the most distinctive and original creature designs in years.