Funny: Arc Rise Fantasia

  • The 1000 year old Lightship changed its name to Cecille the Brave. L'Arc may not like it, but Cecille sure does, and Niko even called it that at one point.
    • That even becomes its official name when you interact with it on the overworld for the rest of the game.
  • Niko's first impression to Cecille wasn't without consequences...
    Niko: This brat is an elite warrior? *uppercut'd into the sky, complete with L'Arc, Alf, and Ryfia watching him fly... then fall.* GAAAAAAAAAAH! *crash*
  • The ENTIRE GAME can be hilarious, because the voice actors put no effort whatsoever into their lines.
  • A line from Leslie when fighting certain enemies:
    Leslie: Eek! I scared!! ...Actually, no. Not that kind of girl.
  • L'Arc when he uses his Excel Act Ignis Beat:
    L'Arc: You ain't runnin' from this flame! No way!
  • Many of the skits are very humorous, although there's no option to watch them again, which is quite a shame. For example, the skits that take place at specific times at Shelly's house are particularly amusing, if not for the conversations themselves, then for what topic the skit browsed:
    L'Arc: It's okay... Let it go. You can't fight Shelly...
    Ryfia: (Something to the effect of) Wow. I'm sure Leslie must have had the same problem in the past.
    L'Arc is not amused. note