Funny / Arc Rise Fantasia

  • The 1000 year old Lightship changed its name to Cecille the Brave. L'Arc may not like it, but Cecille sure does, and Niko even called it that at one point.
    • That even becomes its official name when you interact with it on the overworld for the rest of the game.
  • Niko's first impression to Cecille wasn't without consequences...
    Niko: This brat is an elite warrior? *uppercut'd into the sky, complete with L'Arc, Alf, and Ryfia watching him fly... then fall.* GAAAAAAAAAAH! *crash*
  • The ENTIRE GAME can be hilarious, because the voice actors put no effort whatsoever into their lines.
  • A line from Leslie when fighting certain enemies:
    Leslie: Eek! I scared!! ...Actually, no. Not that kind of girl.
  • L'Arc when he uses his Excel Act Ignis Beat:
    L'Arc: You ain't runnin' from this flame! No way!
  • Many of the skits are very humorous, although there's no option to watch them again, which is quite a shame. For example, the skits that take place at specific times at Shelly's house are particularly amusing, if not for the conversations themselves, then for what topic the skit browsed:
    L'Arc: It's okay... Let it go. You can't fight Shelly...
    Ryfia: (Something to the effect of) Wow. I'm sure Leslie must have had the same problem in the past.
    L'Arc is not amused. note 
  • A lot of L'Arc's Tsundere moments, particularly during the skits, are good for a few laughs, such as when Serge or Leslie tease him, or this ending line to one skit, towards Rastan trying to reassure him about his reputation as Lagoon the Cursed:
    L'Arc: What is it with you guys being so uncharacteristically worried about me all the time?!
  • Some of the side quests towards the end of the game can be rather amusing, due to being more plot/character-oriented than the typical "collect a certain number of drops", etc. quests. Examples include the heavy implication that Serge finds porn at one point, or Serge gambling away all of his money at the casino while the rest of the party is entirely unsympathetic.
  • In the final dungeon, the party gets separated, with L'Arc having to regather them by one by one, ending with Serge. Not only is most of the group notably unconcerned, L'Arc and Ryfia have a moment after finding him... while Serge is unimpressed with the lack of attention.
    Serge: Sorry to break up the moment, but I AM back in the group now, just so you know!