Awesome: Arcrisefantasia

  • Given the hard nature of these boss fights, just coming on top of them is enough of an awesome moment as it is relief.
    • Players are likely to feel especially ecstatic at beating one of the many tough optional bosses, especially the optional Rogress Mashgar, Kudoan and Allul.
  • Anytime your character learns a new Excel Act. Especially one that does Area of Effect damage and kill all enemies in one shot.
    • Special Mention goes to Niko: His first two Excel Acts consisted of a Single Target attack and a self-full heal. All the sudden he gets Niko Cannon and literally blows the enemy to smithereens!
      • It gets even better when he learns Trickster.
  • Absin: Witness the Logos of Judgment...and judge you I will!
  • The entire game's soundtrack.
  • A small one for Ryfia: Early in the game when the party is speaking with Prince Wiess, Ryfia talks back to him, and he responds by throwing a dagger that barely misses her head. She doesn't even blink.
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