Heartwarming / Arc Rise Fantasia

  • Though the ending may lack a bit of punch due to the uninspired voice acting, the intention each character puts forth to live their lives to the fullest and protect the world they fought for, and especially, above all, the fact that they leave behind recorded messages that will play when L'Arc wakes up from his sleep in the core of Noire so that he won't feel alone when he wakes up (which he does after 500 years), really touched this Troper, especially considering that at least Alf, Rastan, Leslie and Serge are gone now. The last lines spoken by L'Arc at the credits' end add a hint of desperation to the scene ( ...What about Ryfia...? Where's Ryfia?), but it is all amended by the last scene, where L'Arc is released and finds Ryfia right there waiting for him, just like she promised to do 500 years ago.
    • Special mention goes to Serge's message: before heading to the Holy Land of Noire, L'Arc asked him if he ever came to trust L'Arc, with him telling L'Arc that he would answer that once everything was over, not knowing that he would never get the chance. As it turns out, though, with this message, he's finally able to give L'Arc his answer, as his farewell is telling L'Arc that he was the best friend Serge ever had. Suffice to say, that's a definite yes.
  • Ryfia's confession to L'Arc is rather sweet and adorable, with her admitting that for all of her regrets, she's still glad for one thing that came out of this: that she got to meet L'Arc—and not because he's the Child of Eesa, but because he's L'Arc.
  • L'Arc's entire relationship with his mother, Elena. For starters, it's a refreshing aversion of Parental Abandonment, with Elena, despite not being vital to the story, not being invisible either—it's clear that L'Arc loves her dearly and still thinks of her even as he's off saving the world. To the point where it's her reassuring him that she'll be fine even if he leaves her for good that gives him the conviction to accept his upcoming Heroic Sacrifice, and his last request to Alf before he goes through with it is to look after her for him.