Funny / Aquarion Evol

  • Oh God. When they were trying to figure out the nature of Amata's power. They strap the poor kid to a chair, force his eyes open and show him different clips of footage to get him to fly up in the chair. They show him everything from a girl in a bikini to zombie movies. The entire time he can't even close his eyes and he keeps on flying through the air, begging them to stop.
  • Amazing! the ultimate defensive stance offering protection in all directions, not quite it's the new finishing move, Dogeza orz
  • Amata accidentally looking up Mikono's skirt, only to accidentally activate his Element power and subsequently fly UP said skirt.
  • When Amata and friends are using the Infinity Punch, it circles around the world TWICE, before heading to Neo DEAVA Academy for some reason. Everyone has an instant to perform a collective Oh, Crap! before the Aquarion destroys the Berlin. Everyone just stares at each other for an instant before running together to start a huge celebration. Fudo appears on top of what's left of the wall and announces that boys and girls can walk freely between the two areas of the school, only for him to suddenly add a single catch: love is forbidden. Everyone's reaction?
    Neo DEAVA Student Body: EEEHH?
  • The entirety of Episode 5. Dates as part of training, but get too excited/fall in love? Your ass gets shocked by a shock collar. Andy never stood a chance. Sazanka also is constantly shocked due to Shrade's & Cayenne forced to share a drink.
    • Amata's substitute ring in the form of Donar shooting him in the ass.
      • Made even funnier by the fact that his actions weren't sanctioned by Neo DEAVA. Amata was supposed to be exempt from the shock collar training because he already fit into the criteria the exercise was designed to make the students fall into. Donar did it because Amata reminds him of himself as a boy!
  • Episode 7, everyone's convinced that there's a ghost on the loose in Neo DEAVA Academy. When Amata and Zessica think that they're in an encounter with the ghost, Zessica hides behind Amata, Amata begins to float, and Zessica winds up taking Amata with her as she runs away, completely oblivious to the fact that he's still floating in mid-air. All the while, they're both screaming at the tops of their lungs.
    • At the end when said ghost is revealed to be an actual girl. He goes Oh, Crap! and floats again.
    Zessica:"I guess he floats for anyone.
  • As episode eight's battle deals heavily with Clothing Damage, Hilarity Ensues when Sazanka starts selling the photos of the battle she managed to get. Yunoha immediately buys a photo of Amata. Mikono is all the while freaking out and trying to get Sazanka to stop. It turned out that Zessica also bought a photo of Amata, and she becomes quite the Tsundere when trying to hide it.
    • Earlier that episode, Andy is convinced that wearing white socks is the key to controlling the Aquarion. (He'd found an ancient book that turns out to be an old student handbook at the start of the episode and was convinced it was some sort of ancient guide on how to control the Aquarion; it included a dress code.) He mentions that "It's important to cover the vital parts of the body with the right fabric!" To which Zessica quickly brings up the topic of underwear. She manages to sneak a peak at Mikono's panties, announces that they're blue, and Amata immediately goes flying.
    • Not to mention in the background, you can see Yunoha slipping white socks onto the feet of her doll.
  • Episode 13, Kagura finally gets his hands on his wench. What does he do? He holds her up Lion King style, and continues to dance with her and throw her up in the air playfully while wearing the happiest smile I've ever seen him wear. While Mikono is just trying to figure out what the hell is going on.
  • Episode 17, Andy and Malloy completely ignoring Sazanka while admiring the other girls swimsuits.
    • Andy's confession to Mix
    • And literally digging himself a hole because his failed confession.
  • Episode 20, as depressing as it is that Mix has been turned to the enemy's side, who can honestly deny the ironic humor in Mix, the series' biggest man hater (though she was getting better), becoming a man? Also, Yunoha swearing like a dude, then blushing at what she's just said is hilariously adorable.
  • In the Crossover OVA, Kagura and Apollo meet for the first time...And the first thing they do is try and beat the crap out of each other for smelling badly. Keep in mind that Kagura is one of Apollo's reincarnations and is closest to him personality-wise and never question why they look so slimiar. Doubly so if viewers played Third Super Robot Wars Z Heaven's Chapter where the both of them got along just fine.