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Awesome: Aquarion Evol
  • In episode 4, Fudo motherfucking Zen returning to take charge of Neo-DEAVA, and convincing Mikono to help Amata pilot Aquarion as well as abolishing the rule preventing male and female students from interacting with each other.
    • Don't forget how this all happens amidst the resurgence of the Infinity Punch from the original series.
  • The aforementioned Infinity Punch's return, this time circling the earth twice after one-shotting Jin high in orbit, only for it to go all the way to Neo Deava's Holy Angel Academy and punch a whole through the gigantic wall separating the boys and the girls. And then High Commander Zen Fudo appears and declares love forbidden before anything can happen between them.
  • In episode 7, Yunoha soundly thwarts Jin's overwhelming laser attack by using her Element ability to render Aquarion unreactive to light, and therefore lasers, which is followed by Amata simply flying right up to Jin's mech and beating the ever-loving out of it with Aquarion's bare fists. It probably also helped that the full version of Kimi no Shinwa was playing over the course of the entire thing.
  • How did Donar lose his arms? During the Aquarion disaster, when his love was being whisked away, he held on to her so tight that his arms gave way before his grip did.
  • Episode 13. Kagura's juiced up on... something that's really powering up his reversal ability. Infinity punch doesn't work, and apparently neither does an EVOL brand God Finger.
  • Andy in Episode 20. His determination to save MIX apparently allows him to be shot point blank in the chest without slowing down one bit. And when he finds out that MIX has joined Altair's forces, his anguish is great enough to create a miniature black hole.
  • The final episode was pretty awesome. Specifically Amata's one man charge for the finale.
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