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Trivia for Aquarion Evol.


Differences between the anime and the manga (SPOILERS):

  • Shrade's first merge is cut from the events adapted from episode 6. Here, as soon as Kagura tries to start up the Mithra Gnis, Jin immediately grabs him by the neck and drags him home, eliminating the need for Aquarion to be sortied. The chapter ends with Amata carrying Mikono on his back, when suddenly a half-conscious Mikono says she has to apologize to him.
  • Andy and MIX are both Demoted to Extra, becoming no more prominent than Sazanka and Malloy. As such, episode 9 is cut.
  • The events of episodes 7 and 8 are switched around, meaning that Jin somehow found got back to Altair in between them, then went back for the events of episode 10.
  • The battle with Kagura from episode 13 is different: Kagura doesn't hit hard enough to cancel EVOL's merge, so the second set of Vectors, piloted by Cayenne, Andy, Yunoha and Jin, form Gepard and shut the dimension gate, allowing EVOL to defeat Kagura in one punch.
  • MIX is substituted with Zessica for the Brainwashed and Crazy Gender Bender subplot, in which she becomes Mykage's bodyguard, ZEXY, protecting Mykage from Kagura's wolf form and stopping short of killing him only when Mykage says that he's half of the man he (ZEXY) wants.
    • Kagura recognizes ZEXY's scent as that of a girl that was with Amata, and he asks him if he's not one of Amata's friends, to which ZEXY responds with confusion, due lacking memory of his time as a girl.
  • It is Amata who regains his memories of originally being one person with Kagura from looking at a picture of his child self and his mom, instead of the other way around. This event causes him to ponder his own existence.
    • Kagura, meanwhile, learns it from Mykage, who also tells him that one of them must disappear so that the other one can claim Mikono.
  • Shrade's first merge is belated to around the time of episode 21-22, where he, Andy, and Mix form Spada to fight a Cherubim.
    • Amata never snuck out of the Academy to find Mikono in secret; he is present at the above battle and, upset at not being sortied, forcibly takes off in the other Vector Z and heads toward the battle.
  • Amata and Kagura never fight in the events of episode 22; instead, Mikono is kidnapped by the Cherubim, causing a horrified Amata and Kagura scream for her, which unseals Solar Aquarion from below Vega's surface.
    • In Kagura's case, he screams out Silvia's name, hinting that he regained his true memories as Apollo.
  • Shrade's battle with Cherubim ends with him in a merge with Amata and Cayenne, and his death is averted.
  • Amata merely went a different route from his friends when they decide to search Altair, instead of crashing there. After whiched, he happened upon the Alicia room.
  • As Kagura didn't jump into the gate after Mikono, his battle with Izumo from episodes 23 and 24 is cut.
  • Mykage takes over ZEXY's body without any Deal with the Devil, and summons up an unconscious Kagura out of nowhere to form Ancient AQ with them and a captured Mikono.
  • Unlike the anime, Amata reacts with noticeable relief that Zessica is alive, even if she is a boy now. Alicia tells him that her memory as a girl are probably gone now, due to her being manipulated by Mykage. Alicia then sees Amata off, with him promising to come back to her so they can be a family again.
  • Izumo, determining that Mikono is the True Eve, fires the Ahura Gnis's Altair Cannon at EVOL during its fight with Ancient AQ. Amata calls out to Izumo, saying that he heard about him from his mom, but he still won't let him make Mikono Altair's True Eve, to which Izumo laments that, not only did he take his son's mother away from him, but now he's trying to takes his beloved away from him as well. An unamused Mykage aims at Alicia's room and kills her, then kills Izumo when he tries to go after him.
    • Due to the above changes, Amata and Kagura's battle with each other from episode 25 is obviously cut.
    • The Elements on standby at Neo-DEAVA actually hear Amata say that Izumo is his dad. They remain ignorant of this in the anime.
  • After being released from Ancient AQ by Mykage, Kagura notes to ZEXY/Zessica that he was chasing Silvia's shadow, due to his regret of leaving her behind during his life as Apollo, but he realizes now that Amata only ever saw Mikono (same with Mikono herself), which Zessica claims to already know.
  • During the battle, Amata sees the spirits of his parents supporting him.
  • Unlike the anime, it doesn't seem that Amata and Mikono went missing for a time; the last scene shows them, Kagura, and Zessica (now back to being a girl) helping with the academy's reconstruction.