Heartwarming / Aquarion Evol

  • Episode 10 has several between Jin and Yunoha. Jin is interested because he recognized the power that first defeated him, and Yunoha feels a connection with Jin because he seemed like her when she started school.
  • Episode 12 has few good moments for Amata and Mikono, as well as some Jin and Yunoha moments.
    • Amata opens up about his Mom to Mikono while Mikono tells him about her brother leaving her. This really shows the improvement in their relationship since episode 1 where they were clearly trying to avoid such topics.
    • While watching the movie together, they hold hands and due to his excitement Amata starts flying and he begins to carry her, Bridal style, while they both gaze into each others eyes.
  • Episode 13 where Donar shields Suomi from one of Mykage's attacks. Also, literally every scene between Jin and Yunoha after his official Heel–Face Turn.
  • Episode 14 started Darker and Edgier than most of Aquarion, but the moment "Genesis of Aquarion" kicked in all the tears were happy.
  • There are a few in episode 26, even Touma gets a moment, but Amata and Mikono's stands out. Also, this is probably the only time the phrase "I'll love you to Infinity!" has been as epic sounding.
    • Finally, after 12,000 years since Solar Aquarion saved the world, and 24,000 years after Pollon fell in love with Celiane, Apollo and Silvia can finally be together.
  • Even though he chooses Mikono over her Amata's affection for Zessica is still pretty clear, even late series when he's in Mikono mode most of the time, when Zessica is trapped under rubble with an attacking Cherubium near by and despite her pleading with him to leave her and go save Mikono, and there being nothing he can really do to help her, Amata basically chooses to stay and die with her and leave Mikono with Kagura rather than leave Zessica behind. Zessica has one herself a minute later when she force activates his power and forces him to leave her, telling him to be with Mikono and it's fine with her, only hestiantly asking him to think about maybe choosing her next time in their next incarnation cycle. Granted she survives anyway.