Funny / Aphex Twin

  • The sole non-sampled lyric on Drukqs comes from "Cock/ver10", where Richard himself shouts "COME ON YOU CUNT, LET'S HAVE SOME APHEX ACID!"
  • On the lyrics sheets for the Come to Daddy EP, the loud, 34-second, anguished wail of the opening track is simply transcribed as "Aargh."
  • Some guy made an album of Aphex Twin/Taylor Swift mashups. Because why wouldn't you. If you want a good chuckle, just look at the comments for each track. They'll be split between absolute marveling and utter horror and disgust.
  • Meta example: his Grammy win, with Aphex Twin mispronounced, a scatological rant and being referred as a "they". Critical Research Failure much? And the best part? He didn't even show up.
  • The title of 26 Mixes for Cash, especially considering the motivation behind the creation of the Pac Man album.
  • In an interview, James stated that although he's never met Markus Persson (who successfully claimed his Caustic Window LP in an eBay auction), his kids would love to, since he's "like God" to them.
  • Aphex Twin buys beer. Sadly, it isn't actually Richard, but the person in the video looks so similar to him that we might as well call him "Richard". With "Funny Little Man" playing as BGM, the video consists of surveillance footage taken in 2009 of "Richard" drunkenly sauntering through a vacant store, only to find massive amounts of trouble keeping his center of gravity and staying on his two feet. Eventually, "Richard" falls down and can't muster the stamina to get up, and eventually people discover him. The video ends with him stumbling towards the exit in a zombie-like manner, only to tumble backwards at the last second.
  • Look at the Come to Daddy EP cover, and you'll see that the leftmost kid (who is actually the only one without James' face) is doing part of the gang sign for the Bloods.
  • The ending of "Funny Little Man", with a Plaintalk program singing to you about how they want to anally copulate with you, sneak into your room, and cut your penis off so they can eat it.
  • The ending of "Milkman", which has Richard's voice progressively getting pitch-bended more and more. The result is pretty damn funny.
  • The letter Richard wrote to NME under the pseudonym Pritchad G. Kraymes after they gave "Windowlicker" the 1999 Single of the Year award:
    Smart! Thank you very much for voting for my track/s. I've had a very good year as usual, although it was very intense, getting on a really big roll, writing new stuff constantly, really looking forward to isolating myself next year even more! Hope everyone has a totally boring New Year's party, overdoses on everything and chokes on their own vomit on the bathroom floor, make sure you lie face down just before you pass out!
    Signed, Pritchad.g.kraymes.
  • The 40-second video that Richard put out on his Facebook to promote his first US show in 8 years also contained a surreal Take That! to the 2016 American election in a fashion only Aphex Twin could pull off. The video contains clips from official debates and interviews with people's voices sped up to sound like chipmunks and everyone's face digitally folded in a manner resembling this press picture from the Syro era.
  • The lyrics from minipops 67 [120.2] source field mix:
    Come see it, shake my hand
    Why’d you breathe up this, Marijuana?
    Throw some DMT together, here
    We’re gonna just entertain, some
  • The ending also counts as this:
    Always putting up with you, fucking bitch
    Maybe next time cunt
  • This fan-made comic featuring a fictional product fittingly named Creepy Richard, which involves putting the latter in front of your meals and it glares at you in order to make you lose appetite as an attempt to lose weight.
  • In the announcement of Syro album, Richard declares himself as an "influential electronic fartist".
  • In the beginning of the Field Day 2017 festival, a Freeze-Frame Bonus is featured at the 4:39 mark which says "fuck trump" and also "trump is dead".