Awesome / Aphex Twin

  • Syro winning the Best Dance/Electronic Album award at the 2015 Grammys, which subsequently brought Aphex Twin back into mainstream buzz.
    • The fact that the album came out after 13 years and has been seen as Richard's best work yet, proving that he hasn't gone down in quality; in fact, quite the opposite.
  • If Aphex wasn't in Archive Panic mode before, he sure is now, when he unleashed over 150 unreleased tracks on Soundcloud (under the name user48736353001) over the course of a couple months. Talk about making up for lost time.
  • "Come to Daddy" was the only music video seen as being worthy of making the list of The 100 Greatest Scary Moments. Even better? It placed #35. That's pretty impressive, no?
    • The screaming section is arguably the most intense moment in electronic music history, and it's bound to send chills rocketing down your spine.
  • Richard's two contributions to Nine Inch Nails' remix album of The Downward Spiral, Further Down the Spiral, were highly seen as the biggest standout tracks on the album. The kicker? Richard never listened to the original album before making them.
  • "Windowlicker" may be one of Aphex Twin's crowning moments of awesome and a moment establishing him as a legend of electronic music. Every part of that song is engineered to perfection, its being commercial-sounding yet still retaining Aphex's weirdness is done to brilliance, and the bass section at the end. Oh God, that bass section.
  • The sheer impact that SAW 85-92 had on the electronic music genre. Imagine putting the album on in 1992, listening to "Xtal" for the first time, and hearing sounds that have never before been heard..