Funny: Angry German Kid

An Angry German Kid with a real hot temper can sure bring a lot of laughs among the world.

  • Note: Because there are SO many videos of the Angry German Kid, these videos are divided by their users.

    Angry German Kid 82 
  • Episode #41: Angry German Kid Goes Camping:
    • The scene with Leopold in the car, with the urge to piss, trying to pursue his parents to pull over. Hilarity Ensues when Harold comments that Leopold went to piss only 20 minutes ago.
    • Leopold accidentally creating a virus in his dad's computer.
      • Even more hilarious when Leopold tries to figure out the password... with one of the guesses being "porn".
    • The ending. Harold beats up Leopold... in the car.
  • Episode #44: Angry German Kid Watches Angry Video Game Nerd.
    • The ending where Harold finds out that Leopold is watching a video with cussing, and then beats him up.
  • Episode #65: Angry German Kid Plays Action 52:
    • Part 1:
    • When Leopold loads up Atmos Quake and sees what it looks like, he has a Freak Out because he's tired of playing "glitchy" space shooters.
    • When he starts up Chill Out:
    Leopold: Don't you tell me to chill out!
    • Part 2:
      • When he plays Crazy Shuffle, Leopold screams at the game for being uncreative. The creator couldn't translate the subtitles when he had his fit.
    • When the game crashes after exiting Shooting Gallery.
      • And again when Leopold tries to load Jigsaw.
    • Leopold imitating the sounds of the ninjas during Ninja Assault. He does it just like The Angry Video Game Nerd.
    • When playing Non-Human, he thinks that the green heads in the background are... John Elton heads.

  • THIS GODLY subbed vid of him...being played in reverse. This version isn't as nonsensical, but it at least includes the cut-out ending (or beginning?) portion.