Funny / All Things Probable Series

  • At the end of "The Return of Zorpox", a freshman accidentally runs into Ron, and proceeds to flee screaming the other way, while other students are giving him a wide berth in terror. Not bad for one Helmet of Opposite Alignment induced rampage.
  • When Kim and Rhonda are having it out at the Yonodyne Lab, Grimm asks Ron if he has any popcorn. He does.
  • Rhonda, who had previously been shown to have a barbed tongue to match Grimm when she faced off with Yori, is reduced to running like a scared preschooler from Gentle Paw. Gentle Paw is enjoying it - thinking that it's some game akin to cat and mouse.
  • While sadly never put to art, after getting shot in the head with a smaller Moo Goo Guy gun, Monkey Fist is described as having a marshmellow on his head and flails around for a while as a result.
  • Grimm's reaction to Rhonda showing him a pinup style shot of her in Grimm's battle suit. You can see it here: [1]
'Ah... woah.' he said at last, not looking up. 'So... can I keep this?'