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YMMV: All Things Probable Series
  • Mary Sue: A problem some have with Team Probable, usually when Team Possible is in the mix. Particularly given Grimm's habit of highlighting Kim's weaknesses and flaws, but never having his own brought up, exploited, or called on for more than a passing reference. This only gets worse because Team Probable tends to hold their own with Team Possible, but are also untouchable thanks to a mix of Grimm's parents, living in Riddleton, and Jade constantly erasing footage of their illegal actions.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Golems. Made from living people turned to stone. Monkey Fist and Maze got their shock troops, alright.
  • Values Dissonance: Kim gets called out over every morally questionable action from the series from Wade microchipping Ron, not helping him train with MMP even though he showed no signs of retaining it or desire to learn how to use it, or even just not being 100% supportive of him 24/7. Meanwhile, Grimm blackmails people, steals materials from laboratories and even military bases, and even unleashes Zorpox the Conqueror on the entire world just to get back at Kim for beating him once. But he provides valuable information on these villains and reveals 'holes' in military security by breaching it, so obviously it's okay, right?
    • But, to be fair to his team, they do call Grimm out when he starts showing the bastard side of Manipulative Bastard, such as Jade calling him out on expecting Kim to be fine with working with him after he throws a lawyer at her and tricks her into beating him up in anger, or Rhonda doing an Opt Out when Grimm wants to make Kim and Ron's breakup at the end of "A Friend in Darkness" permanent.

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