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Funny: All-American Girl

All-American Girl

  • DJ unthinkingly suggests "Apple Scruffs" as a name for Elusive and Butter's daughter, which, among other things, refers to a glitch in the iPhone 17 which caused them to catch fire. Butter loves it.
  • When DJ runs into Hazy at the Campolina Overlook Park, the pegasus bluntly tells her that she's been wanting to buck her for years over her rejection of Rarity.
    Hazy: But my husband… well, he says I shouldn’t be judgmental about it and should listen to your side first. Plus, Fluttsy over there made me promise I wouldn’t or else she’d tell him.
    Flutterwonder: No tasers, either!
    Hazy: (sighs and turns to her) I left it at home, okay?
    Hazy: Well, technically it’s an improved fuse design I’ve been working on in my spare time, but it has a very strong discharge capability.

Be Human

  • The revelation that DJ gives off a pheremone that smells of dark chocolate when she's aroused, which ends up being emitted to the entire school hall during her first kiss with Mike.
  • The entire shouting match between Matt Martinez and Carl Hengst, not least because it somehow ends with them drunkenly consenting to their children dating.
    He was toasted, blitzed, rotated and radiated. By any means a complete public embarrassment if he stepped out of the Hengst home. DJ was never more proud of her father than at that moment.
  • In "Welcome Home," Carlos's reaction to learning that a Ms. Weisberg is involved in the case of the exiled 37th Combined Guard Cohort.
    Carlos: If that’s Sabrina Weisberg, we’re going to have problems. She’s part of Governor Davies’ presidential campaign. She’s brutal, ruthless and out for blood.
    Paul: You must really hate her then.
    Carlos: Um… she’s my wife.
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