Funny / A Muppet Family Christmas

  • When the gang first invades Ma Bear's house, Sam the Eagle randomly pops up to ask, "Why am I here?"
    • Related to that, Bert asks Ernie who let the Two-Headed Monster be Santa, and Ernie gets confused over whether or not they're a singular being with two heads, or two beings on one body.
  • When the Sesame Street gang sings "Deck the Halls" and it's Oscar's turn, he declares, "I will not sing this song!"...and the others pick up the next line without missing a beat.
    • The Count singing "I Saw Three Ships".
  • Most of the interactions between the various cast members from the three Muppet shows.
    • Janice offers everyone Christmas cookies, prompting Cookie Monster to loudly gobble down the entire plateful while Animal watches.
      Janice: Who was that strange, blue creature?
      Animal: That my kinda fella! Hahahaha!
    • Ernie and Bert telling Doc that the educational tidbits from Sesame Street (i.e. "Did you know Doc starts with the letter D?") is small talk from where they come from.
    • Rowlf and Sprocket communicating in barks, made better by how Sprocket is actually barking while Rowlf is just saying "Bark" & "Woof".
      Doc: Don't you just hate it when you can't speak the language?
    • Big Bird being blissfully unaware of the Swedish Chef trying to cook him.
      Swedish Chef: Gobbla Gobbla Humunga!
  • The Running Gag where various characters accidentally slip on an icy patch.
  • Mrs. Bear, after confirming that everyone has arrived at the farm, announces that they've just run out of room. And two of them will have to sleep on coat hangers. Cut to Gonzo and Animal doing just that.
  • Jim Henson's cameo is generally remembered by the fandom as a Heartwarming Moment, but it ended with this cutely funny line:
    Jim: But, tell you what, somebody'll have to do something about these dishes, Sprocket. C'mon. I'll wash, you dry, okay?
    • Also watch Sprocket during that line. He's smiling and wagging his tail right up until the moment Jim mentions the dishes.
  • This exchange at the beginning of the film during the car ride up to Mrs. Bear's farm:
    Fozzie: Guys, this is the best idea we've had in years! Christmas at my mother's farm.
    Kermit: Sounds great, Fozzie, but don't you think we should have called your mother to let her know we were coming?
    Fozzie: Oh, how little you understand bears, Kermit! My mother loves surprises!
    Gonzo: Good thing; she's in for a beauty.
  • This part:
    Swedish Chef: Dis make a gobbla-gobbla faire furnousse!
    Doc: I don't care if the turkey says the dog is a turkey. The dog is not the turkey. The turkey's the turkey, you turkey!
  • Grover says that he's carrying a bowl around in the pageant to demonstrate that he is not stirring. It's the tone in his voice that says he thinks he's enormously clever that really sells the joke.
  • Fozzie is trying to lead Kermit outside to meet his new snowman partner:
    Fozzie: Now's the time for you to meet my new partner!
    Kermit: Who's your new partner?
    Fozzie: A snowman.
    Fozzie: Yeah, yeah, come on outside and we'll do our act for you!
    Kermit: Outside? Fozzie, it's too cold to go outside.
    Fozzie: It's not cold.
    Kermit: It is cold!
    Snowman: Can I come in and warm up?
    Fozzie (with a vague dismissive gesture): Okay, so it's cold.
  • Animal answering the phone with "HELLO HELLO HELLO GIVE ME PRESENTS!".
    • And then his reaction when he realizes it's Miss Piggy on the line.
    Animal (disgusted disappointment): Oh. Pig. (drops receiver)
  • The weather report wherein the newsman is clobbered by falling barometers. His, "Oh, no!" is what sells it.