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Heartwarming: A Muppet Family Christmas
  • Jim Henson's cameo.
    "Well, they certainly seem to be having a good time out there, Sprocket. Yep, I like it when they have a good time."
    • Almost counts as a bit of a tearjerker when this was one of the last things Jim ever did with these characters. It's almost like a dad looking in on his kids one last time.
  • Emily Bear's conclusion that the Muppet Show gang may be "weirdos, but they're nice weirdos."
  • The Swedish Chef being comforted by Big Bird's innocent offer of friendship and deciding that Christmas dinner will be "shredded wheat and cranberry sauce."
  • Robin the Frog and the Fraggles.
    • And the pebble.
  • While the Christmas carol singing sequence is heartwarming in itself, hearing Statler and Waldorf (of all people!) singing one of the carols is just adorable.
  • Doc offering to look for Miss Piggy when she's lost in the snowstorm, and explaining why;
    Kermit: But you've never even met Miss Piggy!
    Doc: Well, we've never met any of you until a little while ago, and now we're friends. See, Sprocky and I were gonna spend Christmas alone, but this is better!
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