Headscratchers / A Muppet Family Christmas

  • The Sesame Street gang, once settled in the house, decide to practice their Christmas pageant, a presentation of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Considering that the show takes place on Christmas Eve, it's unclear when they're planning to hold the actual performance. It's specifically said that "it's time to rehearse our Sesame Street pageant!" When is the show?
    • The film is set on Christmas Eve, so presumably it would be on Christmas Day.
  • As cute as it was, the home movie with the Muppet Babies raises so many questions. Where's Nanny? Where's Skeeter? What about all of the media in which Kermit and the gang grow up separately and meet each other as adults? That's like a really huge Continuity Snarl.
  • Fozzie's mom is friends with Statler and Waldorf, who visit her every Christmas. But...wasn't she on her way out the door to spend Christmas at the beach when the show started? S&W clearly didn't come with the rest of the Muppets, Fozzie is shocked when they turn up. How did they get there? And why? Did Mrs. Bear call them up at some point and tell them that her vacation was off?
    • Clearly the universe hates Fozzie's comedy so much that Statler and Waldorf will just materialize when necessary to take him down a peg. On a related note, how did Jim Henson get there?
    • Pretty sure that they were visiting a couple of days before she left. And they were probably about to leave when she was about to but then the Muppets show up.
      • For that matter, why didn't Mrs. Bear, at any point, tell Statler and Waldorf to stop heckling Fozzie! I mean, yeah they're her friends, but Fozzie is HER SON!!
    • I always assumed she called them when she realized she'd be home for Christmas after all.
  • The turkey was trying to talk the Chef out of cooking it by trying to frame good, innocent Big Bird! Once the Chef saw what a good-hearted person he is and how it would be so wrong to hurt him...why didn't he go back out and try to find the turkey?! The turkey is obviously a very evil thing for trying to kill someone else, why should he be allowed to live? Go get it! Who wants shredded wheat for Christmas Eve anyway?
    • Thank goodness, I thought I was the only who didn't like the Turkey. Scoffing at Gonzo's warning only to hit on his girl Camilla was one thing; but the fact that he practically sold out a child (Big Bird is canonically six years old) to save his own ass puts him across the Moral Event Horizon for me. The fact his puppet was recycled in The Muppet Christmas Carol as a turkey being sold to a Frackle does give me a sense of universal karma.