Funny / Tales from Muppetland: The Frog Prince

  • The lunch scene is this. Kermit gets drunk off of punch. The Princess is trying to tell the king Tamnella is a witch, and Robin is trying to help her, only to get his face stuffed with popovers.
    Tamanella: Have a popover, froggie!
    • There's also the king's response, when Tamanella suggests having Robin taken away (to make sure he doesn't tell the king about her evil plans).
    King: Good idea. He's eating all the popovers.
  • The scene when Kermit tricks Sweetums into freeing Robin.
    Kermit: Here's my idea: my great froggy brain tells me that if we can't open the door to this cage, Sweetums can.
    Robin: What did he say?

    Sweetums: (sleep walking) Stay asleep and let frog go. Stay asleep and let frog go. Stay asleep and let frog go. (opens Robin's cage) Nighty night. (falls back into bed)

    Sweetums: (wakes up) LET! FROG! GO??
    Robin: Oh boy!
  • The fact that the witch is held back at the end by all of Kermit's frog friends.
  • Kermit's complete and utter confusion that Robin, a frog, somehow can't swim.