Fridge / The Producers

  • FridgeLogic/FridgeBrilliance: In the 2005 movie, Franz tells Bialystock and Bloom that Hitler's middle name was "Elizabeth", and that "the Fuhrer was descended from a long line of English queens." Later on we meet Roger DeBris, whose middle name is ALSO Elizabeth, and who is an English queen. Apparently, some of Hitler's distant relatives are into musical theater?
    • Added bonus: Hitler was a horrible painter...and Roger is a horrible director. Artistic talent is not this family's strong suit, it seems.
  • Fridge Logic: Roger De Bris is outrageously Camp Gay, with the tackiest sensibilities and most ridiculous mannerisms imaginable— but he isn't a bad director. He has a clear vision, works hard, he's never seen losing control of the rehearsal process, and he manages to create a visually arresting (seriously, check out that choreography!), critically adored Broadway smash out of the worst material that Bialystock and Bloom could find. Any veteran actor will tell you there are a few dozen worse things a director could be than a laughably flamboyant Bunny-Ears Lawyer (a Control Freak, The Ghost, or a Small Name, Big Ego Miles Gloriosus, to name but a few)— so, in effect, the producers' plan failed because they didn't hire "the worst director in New York".
    • It becomes Fridge Brilliance when you note that Roger Debris is hired because he's known for doing romantic comedies without substance. They could have hired a no-talent hack but chose someone they considered wholly inappropriate for the material. What, instead, they got was a chance for Roger to prove himself by turning the hyper-serious play into a romantic comedy. One daring enough to get serious buzz. So they gave him a romantic comedy...with substance. Doh!
  • Gone Horribly Right: Leo and Max's goal was to produce a gigantic flop, right? In the stage musical and 2005 film, Max tries to take advantage of the theater belief that saying "good luck" will cause disaster for the show. However, Springtime for Hitler is taken as a satirical masterpiece and becomes a sellout, meaning that bad luck did happen - to them.