Awesome / The Producers

All versions

  • Pulling off the "swastika dancing" scene on-stage. One of the best moments in "Springtime for Hitler" is the above shot where you see the dancers in a swastika formation. They simulated this on-stage using a large mirror and mannequins on dollies... and it worked.

The original movie

  • The scene where Leo decides to join Max Bialystock in front of the fountain at Lincoln Center.

The musical

  • Leo finally grows a spine and says one of the best lines in the musical. "And you're right, Mr. Marks! You are a CPA! A certified public ASSHOLE!" Followed shortly by the accountants cheering, "Hooray!"
  • The counterpoint duet sung in the taxi between Leo and Max.
  • "Stop the world, I wanna get on!"
  • In the film, Nathan Lane keeps singing while he throws his hat in the air, opens a door, and catches it, all in one take.
  • Uma Thurman is an actress not normally known for her musical talent, She not only holds her own against two Broadway veterans, but blows them both out of the water during "When You've Got it, Flaunt It."
  • The bum in the bar belting it out in a deleted scene. And said bum was played by Ernie Sabella.
  • "You've made a fool of Hitler!" "Well, he didn't need our help."


  • Mel Brooks winning a Best Original Screenplay Academy Award for his very first movie screenplay. Also take into account how often comedies get Award Snubs on Oscar night, and how long it took The Producers to find its audience during its original theatrical release.
  • The absolutely massive Tony sweep. Not even Mel expected that big of a victory.
  • Springtime for Hitler is an actual trope.