Fridge / The Magicians

  • Fridge Horror / Fridge Logic: Depends on your perspective. At the beginning of the first book Dean Fogg seems to be familiar with the "woman in braids" aka Jane Chatwin. Either this was a plot hole that snuck in somehow, or Fogg actually does know about her, which takes his occasional bouts of Obfuscating Stupidity to a new level, and raises serious questions about just how much he actually knows about the Chatwins and Fillory. At its darkest interpretation he knew about Jane's time-traveling, and her constantly assembling and reassembling different parties to confront Martin Chatwin, in which case Fogg allowed Quentin to begin five years of training, knowing he was most likely being marched to slaughter.
  • Mayakovsky claims that muting the students at Brakebill's Antarctica is a learning aid and it probably does function as such. But given his own history with getting in trouble with a student, it also serves to prevent them from talking to him.