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James will show up as a main character in the final book.
It would fit a pattern of the original three main characters. Quentin Jumped at the Call, Julia on the other hand got put on hold. That means the Call will hunt James down. This will also fit with the series theme regarding how humans deal psychologically with magic. There's a very strong implication that people who are most capable of getting access to magic, are the people who are the least capable of dealing with it realistically (ie Julia failed her exam mainly because she was too dumbfounded by the existence of magic to concentrate, Quentin passed because he already kind of believed in it anyway).
Similarities between The Neitherlands and Flipside (from Super Paper Mario).
  • Possibly being a "plane between planes"
  • Having abandoned areas of indescribable age
  • Architecture that's somewhat european, yet not
  • Large, clean pavement (mario kicks up dust, but he does that everywhere no matter what, so that doesn't count)
  • Everything is cleaned away if you leave and come back (in SPM that's just because it's a game, but still)
Important differences:
  • An infinite number of dimensions are entered through fountains using one set of enchanted shirt buttons, not seven through doors using one enchanted heart-shaped artifact each.
  • Weather (although those diamond polyomino thingies in the BG of Flipside could be clouds)