Awesome / The Magicians

  • Quentin and Alice walking to the South Pole. Naked. With only their magic to protect them.
  • Janet surprising everyone by bringing a gun to Fillory and just shooting an opponent.
  • Josh conjuring up another Unrealistic Black Hole that effectively wipes out his opposition.
  • The final battle with the Beast - from the Beast managing to tank just about everything thrown at it, the Physical Kids teaming up to pelt him with magic, Quentin releasing his cacodemon with a shout of "say hello to my little friend!" and Alice going toe-to-toe with the Beast in a virtuoso display of all the magic she's learned in her studies - completely with Voluntary Shapeshifting. Finally capped off with Alice managing a One-Winged Angel transformation that works by making herself into a Niffin and tearing the Beast apart.