Fridge / Spellbinder

Fridge Brilliance

  • At first, the fact that everyone is able to perfectly set coordinates for the Land of the Dragon Lord and Kathy's World without any troubles looks at least bizzare. Wasn't it staded that there is infinite number of harmonic worlds, so it should require some more precise procedure? But then few times the control mechanism is hit, broken or tempered with, resulting with the same setting sending the boat into different worlds. The control mechanism is simply very crude, with relatively small scale, giving finite combinations from all those infinite adresses.

Fridge Horror

  • There are children—some of them very young—among the Marauders. Spellbinders are banishing children to the wastelands.
    • Not all the Marauders had been banished; some simply ran away. Also, some of the kids could have been born in the village. If I had been banished, and subsequently rescued by the Marauders, I'd be getting my family out of Spellbinder control, too.