Fridge / Sonic.exe

Fridge Horror

  • Tom's lack of concern about Kyle compared to his reactions to the Sonic characters getting murdered is disconcerting, to say the least.
  • Consider the You Bastard element of "Anti-Sonic.dll" wherein the real ones to blame are anyone who makes fanart, fanfiction, or commentaries about Sonic.exe, thus spreading its influence. That includes these very TV Trope pages.

Fridge Logic

  • How did Kyle even get the chance to write a message and mail off the disc before Sonic got him? For that matter, what was stopping him from destroying the disc himself?
    • Fridge Horror: A bit of a stretch, but could it be that it was actually Sonic that sent the message and game using Kyle as a guise?
      • Maybe, if this spinoff is any indication.
      • If it was Sonic who sent it, then why did he send it with explicit instructions to not play the game?
      • Reverse Psychology
  • If Tom knew that Kyle was missing for a long time, why the FUCK did he do the ONE thing that Kyle said not to do?
  • Tom noted the title screen change well enough to describe it in detail, so why the frick didn't he just shut it off and destroy the disc?

Fridge Brilliance
  • Tom has a poor understanding of what glitches do. Considering that he has never played a glitchy game before, it makes some sense.
    • ... which launches it back into Fridge Logic territory when you realize that even if he didn't understand what glitches did he obviously knew what glitches were, and that what was going on wouldn't be the effect of any sort of glitch.